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Introduce about Reports+Using Instagram to reveal your greatest pals and finest posting schedule!Why do you need to keep track of your Instagram account?There is generally no n...
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Introduce about Reports+

Using Instagram to reveal your greatest pals and finest posting schedule!

Why do you need to keep track of your Instagram account?

There is generally no need to maintain track of your account if you are new to social networks, have only a few dozen people interacting online, or are just regular folks. However, if you’re an online hottie or a celebrity with multiple Instagram accounts, or if you want to improve your Instagram interactivity, Then you’ll need to locate an app to handle these accounts so you can keep track of all the actions and who is following, commenting, replying to you, and so on. It’s true that such a standard management application is tough to come by. And if you have that need but aren’t sure which program is both easy to use and secure, keep Reports+ in mind first.

What is Reports+?

Reports+ is an Instagram account tracking and analyzing tool. The first three characteristics of this tiny mobile application that stand out are its speed, ease of use, and abundance of information. For any Instagram account, this software is considered as the fastest and most accurate analytics tool. When you install the Reports+ app on your device, you can immediately track your Instagram followers, see who unfollowed you (and when), see who is a Facebook friend but does not follow you on Instagram, see who blocks your Instagram, see how many fans you have in total, and even see a ranking of the people closest to or interacting with you the most on Instagram. Reports+ will send you a thorough report once a week, on any day based on your original settings. These reports are quite detailed and simple to comprehend. They have practically all of the fundamental to in-depth information that anyone who wants to manage their Instagram profiles needs.

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Reports+ is an account analysis tool, both superficial and in-depth

Reports+ will deliver the necessary information, accurately and precisely what is required, based on the user’s needs. You can read the Instagram account’s “history” from the beginning to the present: the account’s creation date, regular activity, and the number of posts/stories/comments/followers. But that’s only the beginning. Reports+ will provide you with additional in-depth reports so you can delve deeper into the management and grasp every aspect about your account. They contain the following details:

  • Followers: who has recently followed, who has recently unfollowed, who has followed the longest, who has interacted the most, who has interacted the least, who has liked the most, who has shared the most…
  • Effectively track posts/stories: which ones are the most popular, which ones have the most interactions, which ones have the fewest, which tales have the most comments…
  • Reports+, on the other hand, can assist you assess your fan contact, such as how many replies you get in a post and how frequently you communicate with your fans. It all comes down to the Interaction Tracking function in Reports+.
  • Find your Instagram best friends: the person who leaves the most comments isn’t always the best buddy on Instagram. These are the best friends who leave thoughtful comments, respond quickly to your messages, or conduct a private Instagram conversation with you. Reports+ automatically collates this data and displays who your closest friends are, as well as who has the most significant interactions with you.
  • Reports+ also displays you who likes your posts and stories the most, as well as how long it takes them to click ‘Like’ after the post/story is published. This tool allows you to see who your genuine supporters are.
  • Reports+ additionally shows which pals aren’t following you despite the fact that you’re following them. Then it’s up to you to decide what to do. But, at the very least, we know who cares about us, right?

Reports+ is also a tool to optimize and schedule posts

Aside from the previously mentioned useful statistics and information, one of the most common queries we get while using Instagram is when to publish and what style of post to make to garner the most likes and comments. You’ll have a different golden time zone to publish in each geographic region, for each ‘Instagram content,’ each season of the year, each industry, and the characteristics of your followers. Reports+ will proactively propose the optimal time zones for posts/stories that you can follow based on previous data history and references to Instagram users on the same platform. As a result, posts are more efficiently optimized and more fans are attracted in the shortest amount of time.

Download Reports+ APK for Android

If you put in the time and effort, there is a lot to learn and consider in the Instagram game. Reports+ is an excellent partner for cutting the journey short and getting the desired amount of contact quickly.

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