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Name Relax Rain
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Version 6.3.1
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Requires Android 4.4
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Introduce about Relax RainThe soothing sound of rain will transport you to a state of tranquility.Return to natureYou know, our minds need a little time to rest after a long da...
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Introduce about Relax Rain

The soothing sound of rain will transport you to a state of tranquility.

Return to nature

You know, our minds need a little time to rest after a long day of work. It only takes a few minutes for your eyes to close and your thoughts to drift away with the flow of emotions on a soothing melody. It could be spending hours reading a nice book under the soothing yellow lighting, or getting a good night’s sleep in preparation for an exciting morning. And do you realize how important a good song is for these rare moments of relaxation? I believe it will be beneficial to your mental well-being. It should be the sound of nature, which will help you relax and heal any mental wounds from the day. It should be a sound you’ve heard a million times and is imprinted on everyone’s mind.


Because the human mind becomes extremely sensitive to serene sounds reminiscent of fresh green nature, it always responds positively. They are invigorating and relaxing. They are a source signal that allows us to escape the noise and harshness of daily life. Relax Rain is a collection of pure nature sounds that you can download if you’re looking for something different. What can we expect from Relax Rain? On the smartphone platform, this is the largest collection of rain sounds. There are over 50 rain sounds in this program, as well as hundreds of mixes of rain sounds with thunder, music, and other noises from nature, woods, and mountains. All of them provide customers with total relaxation and calm. The Relax Rain collection includes a variety of rain sounds, ranging from light to heavy, falling in the air, on the roof, on the grass, on the porch, and along the riverbank. Let me show you a few examples:

  • Rain in the morning
  • Raindrops on the foliage
  • Bungalow in the middle of the rainforest
  • In the rain, pitch a tent
  • Today is a rainy day.
  • Thunderstorms galore
  • The forest is wet from rain.
  • The interior of the farmhouse
  • Under the canopy of the tree
  • The sound of rain against the window
  • The street is drenched.
  • Tropical cyclone
  • The park is drenched.
  • Rain and wind
  • The city is drenched.
  • Stay in a rainforest lodge.
  • Thunderstorm
  • In the countryside, there is a thunderstorm.
  • Crickets on a rainy night
  • In the country, there are puddles.
  • Hailstorm
  • The backyard was drenched.
  • At night, there is a light rain.
  • The tin roof is dripping with rain.
  • In the backyard, it’s raining lightly.
  • In a thunderstorm, pitch your tent.
  • Raindrops on the car’s hood
  • Under the protection of the umbrella
  • It’s raining lightly on the windshield.
  • Inside the vehicle

Aren’t there a lot of them? You can always find a music that matches you at any moment, in any area, and in every mood. It is not only a terrific gift for the mind after difficult working hours full of strain, but it also provides momentary relaxation.

When to use Relax Rain?

You can listen to Relax Rain whenever you want: at midday, during a few minutes of work, during yoga, meditation, or before going to bed at night; or while reading a book, gazing at a beautiful picture… or simply when doing anything that takes utmost focus… You can mix and match the volume of the rain sound, thunder, and the soft melodious music that goes with it because you can modify the volume of the rain sound, thunder, and the soft melodious music that goes with it. Keep this mixing combo in mind for future use. There are presently combinations for “Night sleep,” “Afternoon nap,” “Eating time,” “Playing games,” and “Teaching youngsters” in my folder. While I need to be patient, such as when teaching my children to read, I need the most soft and graceful tune possible so that I don’t lose my cool. So, Relax Rain has been quite beneficial to me. You may also use a timer to have it turn off after a certain amount of time. If you’re looking for a way to unwind before bed, this feature is ideal. Also, because Relax Rain has a background effect, it will not interfere with the device’s operation. That means you can listen to the rain while using other apps and features on your phone while using Relax Rain. When a call comes in, it will also immediately halt the music. So don’t worry, my buddies!

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MOD APK version of Relax Rain

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download Relax Rain MOD APK for Android

The program is small, straightforward, and simple to use. The captivating sounds it produces will get you addicted to it since they may lull the senses at times and awaken all the smallest corners of the spirit at other moments. Simply search for Relax Rain in Google Play, and it will install in a matter of seconds. With the sound of rain pouring, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight! Have a good night!

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