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Name Real Flight Simulator
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Version 1.5.8
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Introduce about Real Flight SimulatorThe best aeroplane simulation gameThe authentically constructed vastness of the cabin will soon overwhelm you. It has every piece of control re...
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Introduce about Real Flight Simulator

The best aeroplane simulation game

The authentically constructed vastness of the cabin will soon overwhelm you. It has every piece of control required to launch the hundreds of tons of aircraft into the air. Don’t worry, though, if you are inexperienced and have never driven a car this size. To help you understand how a flight operates, the developer has created a number of crucial instructions! Pay close attention to the Gear first. The plane can only run on the runway and take off when it is set to level three. Then you can simply tilt the device or alter the viewing angle to find a designated stop while maintaining balance. You may also utilize the D-pad at that moment. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay concept, there are a few things to keep in mind. The landing must be precise. I gave it my all, but when it came to the landing gear, it was a little off, and it landed before the runway, which led to a horrific disaster. In other instances, I crossed the runway before using the brake to undo my error. Fortunately, the plane wasn’t too hefty, so it landed without incident. As you can see, the gameplay concept for Real Flight Simulator is straightforward but incredibly realistic and detailed. It takes precision and focus, and pilots who lack these qualities may find it challenging to develop in their careers.

Enjoy beautiful European scenery

The network of airports in Real Flight Simulator is incredibly extensive and is dispersed over North America and Europe. Select your starting and ending airports, then take in the breathtaking scenery as you travel. This is what I anticipated from a plane simulation game, and I appreciate it because it allows for many different camera perspectives, including those of the cockpit, windows, wings, and rear. A picture of magnificent nature may be seen in the floating clouds, the lush meadows, and the snow-capped mountains. The RORTOS design team didn’t stop there; they also included weather effects to enhance the realism of the experience. You will feel cold if there are sudden downpours, snowstorms, or hailstones. Remember that aircraft will also be impacted. If you continue to fly at such a height while the weather is terrible, the clients won’t feel secure!

Many realistic aircraft models

Do you think so? when you get the chance to pilot one of the more than 30 different types of aircraft in this game? Airbus A350, A380, British Aerospace146, and Boeing787,737, and 767 are a few examples. They are more than just models, though. Pay attention to their specifications, as each one is put together using various engine configurations and components made by various suppliers. This indicates that the weight, jet, control system, and weather severity are all entirely different. Perhaps you should study this part on your own because it has a lot of intriguing information. But purchasing one for your collection won’t be inexpensive at all. If you want to buy these stunning airplane models, you will need to put in a bit more effort.

Take part in real-time flights

Real Flight Simulator’s default setting allows you to schedule and depart from any location. However, there aren’t any guidelines or benchmarks to compare your abilities to, so occasionally it repeats excessively and you discover it is uninteresting! You must participate in the live flight mode! It is based on genuine timetables that have all been set in advance. The location, takeoff time, and landing time are all scheduled. Additionally, you won’t be bored any longer due to the abundance of actual pilots in the skies! You might also try Infinite Flight. You can also try other applications like Max Payne Mobile, The House of Da Vinci, and FINAL FANTASY VII.

Download Real Flight Simulator APK for Android

Real Flight Simulator is available for download from Google Play for for $1.07. For the amazing experience this game offers, this is not a particularly high price. However, you can download the APK and OBB files shown below to install the game for free.

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