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Name Real Bike Racing
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Package com.wordsmobile.RealBikeRacing
Publisher Italic Games
Category Games
Version 1.3.0
Size 21M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Real Bike RacingThese days, finding a fantastic racing game that is also extremely addictive is not difficult. Although the gaming industry is vast and constantly expanding, ...
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Introduce about Real Bike Racing

These days, finding a fantastic racing game that is also extremely addictive is not difficult. Although the gaming industry is vast and constantly expanding, classic speed racing games continue to draw a sizable user base. Therefore, a racing game like Real Bike Racing that carefully considers gameplay and image promises to deliver the experiences that are regarded as masterpieces of racing games.

Graphics and sound

First and foremost, Real Bike Racing’s visuals are impossible to overlook. The publisher is presumably most pleased with this. Additionally, it will unquestionably cause players to recall this game. Experience the world’s top professional racing events right on your phone with the help of realistic 3D graphics, the distinctive sound of the engine, and the sound of the tires grating against the pavement.


Real Bike Racing reverts to the definition of a pure racing game, eliminating new modifications for the speed game series like Gravity Rider Zero (avoid obstacle course) or Traffic Rider (difficult driving in the city). Players compete in intense tournaments with the best riders in the world while racing on official roads. Although the game’s control scheme is straightforward, it seems the most realistic. Simply tap the screen’s brake or accelerator to operate. You only need to tilt the screen in the desired direction to travel in the bends. This control reminds me more of a race-participating motorcycle’s handlebars than a phone.


Depending on the player’s skill level and preferences, Real Bike Racing offers three different game modes. If your driving abilities need improvement, consider playing in the fast racing mode or RV racing mode. It also aids in evoking fresh emotions and sensations. You can then select your preferred tracks from the track. When you’ve mastered the game and want to test your driving prowess, join the Championship mode to take on other players from across the globe. There are incredibly intense races rather than straightforward obstacles. But isn’t it worth a shot to try?

Race tracks

You can participate in a plethora of big and little tournaments as well as a variety of uniquely built race tracks with various degrees of difficulty in Real Bike Racing. However, you can only open up more new racing tracks if you have mastered and conquered the old routes. Unlock all the difficult racetracks and take part in the world championship race, which attracts many top competitors. As a result, you must have the ability to take charge of a situation swiftly starting with the first race. Every scenario demands the highest level of managing adaptability and effectiveness. You are aware that the track is a very fast area, so even a little carelessness might send you flying off the edge. The curves are the most hazardous location. Keep in mind that the cost of a minor error in judgment is a catastrophic accident. Be at ease! A small map in the corner of the screen will show you where the bend is in advance. Even though it’s challenging, if your opponent is careless, you have a chance to get through and win.

Unlock moto

You can acquire and own a variety of new vehicles in addition to unlocking up new tracks. You can unlock and use any of the more than 10 distinctive and varied cars on the circuit. You can add more features and settings to your supercar so that it will match different tracks, in particular. Nothing makes a magnificent victory more enjoyable to celebrate than “swinging” on your favorite motorcycle while listening to your favorite music.

MOD APK version of Real Bike Racing

MOD function Unlimited Cash
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Download Real Bike Racing MOD APK for Android

Real Bike Racing is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a vintage racing game. You can compete for world championships by overcoming difficult racing grounds. To become the best racer in the world, download this game to your phone.

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