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Rapid Streamz

App Name Rapid Streamz
Publisher RapidStreamzCo
Genre Apps
Size 25.2MB
Latest Version 1.2
Update September 26, 2021

Rapid Streamz APK – Live TV Channels
There are many streaming apps available right now for people to use worldwide. Streaming apps are the newest and the most convenient way to stream movies and shows right now, thanks to the internet.

There are many types of streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more. There are also a lot of free ones that you can find on the internet today. One of the free ones you can download is Rapid Streamz!

With this app, you can freely stream plenty of channels from different countries like Turkey, the USA, India, Italy, France, Bangladesh, Germany, and many more. Here, you can watch the news, movies, shows, sports, documentaries, music videos, and many more.

The app features a built-in video player that lets you watch easily and external video player support. You can get a lot of movies and shows here for free with daily updates and more. Plus, you can enjoy the Chromecast support as well.

Free Live TV Channels
There are so many amazing apps we can freely enjoy today from the Google Play Store. If you’re someone who wants movies, then you can have fun with streaming apps.

Today, you can download plenty of streaming apps like HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Funimation, Disney+, Crunchyroll, and many more. But other apps are offering users a free way to stream right now. One of these apps is Rapid Streamz, and it’s free to download for everyone.

There are many amazing things you can enjoy in this app right now. Here, you can enjoy watching the best movies and shows worldwide thanks to a lot of channels. The app features more than 800 channels right now that you can from different countries worldwide.

Here, you can get movies and shows in all genres like sports, news, horror, comedy, romance, action, thriller, kids, wildlife, music, and many more. Feel free to browse different channels and stream endlessly today.

With this app on your phone, you’re free to enjoy casting on the big screen through Chromecast as the app supports it!

Rapid Streamz Features
If you want to watch live TV channels today, download Rapid Streamz and enjoy a free app.

Stream live channels – You can enjoy so many different streaming apps right now for other purposes. There are streaming apps for movies, news, sports, and available live channels. There are so many available ones that let you catch the best movies and shows and original videos.

You don’t need to pay for a cable subscription ever again when you have these apps. But Rapid Streamz is a free one for all that lets you stream as many TV channels as you can.

If you’re someone who loves watching TV, then this app is perfect for you as it lets users stream over 800 channels worldwide. The channels range from different countries like the USA, France, Germany, Portugal, Iran, Pakistan, Italy, Bangladesh, India, etc.

Here, you’re free to stream as many channels as possible to watch movies, shows, news, sports, music videos, wildlife, and many more. There’s no need to pay and register when you use this app!
Over 800 channels – With Rapid Streamz, you’re free to stream over 800 channels available worldwide today. There are so many available channels that you’re free to stream here from different countries.

The app presents many channels from countries like India, France, Germany, Italy, the USA, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, UK, Turkey, etc. With a vast selection of channels, you can be assured that you can catch local and international updates easily.

Different categories – With Rapid Streamz, you can enjoy different types of watching through these TV channels. Here, you can watch sports, news, music, wildlife, kids, movies, shows, and many more.

There are movies and shows here in horror, action, comedy, romance, drama, thriller, and many more. Feel free to enjoy so many types of movies and shows today as you browse through plenty of categories!

No login required – With Rapid Streamz, you can enjoy the app easily without logging in. There’s no need to use your personal information and even credit card info to use the app right now.

Here, you’re free to enjoy all of the features of the app without paying anything. It’s free forever, and you can share it with your family and friends!

Supports external players and Chromecast – This streaming app also supports external video players like VLC, X Video, Wuffy, Android, XYZ, MX, and many more. You can also cast it on your Smart TV to enjoy a wider screen.