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Introduce about QANDAScientific technology has advanced considerably in recent years. Human life has become more convenient as a result of this. QANDA is the...
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Introduce about QANDA

Scientific technology has advanced considerably in recent years. Human life has become more convenient as a result of this. QANDA is the most widely used educational software in Korea, and it uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology. There’s no need for centers or schools anymore because you can learn to answer math problems quickly and effectively just on your Android phone. You can learn a way from others rather than spending all day hunting for one. The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of QANDA, including its features and utility. You can then pick whether or not to download the app to try it out.

What is QANDA?

QUESTION AND ANSWER (QANDA) is an acronym for QUESTION AND ANSWER. This title may also give a hint as to how the application functions. QANDA’s major feature is to assist you in finding answers (precise or similar) to your input inquiry. To utilize it, turn on your device’s camera, take a photo of the query, and then press search.

How does QANDA work?

When QANDA receives a picture with the question, it will look for the answer by detecting letters, numbers, math, or text on paper. It should be noted that the QANDA did not accurately answer the question. It searches the forums for comparable problems/questions and provides you with the results. Instead of sticking to a single strategy, you can acquire more solutions by combining diverse problem methods. This is also the most significant distinction between QANDA and Photomath, the two most popular educational apps today.

An app that helps you to solve most of the math problems in high school

QANDA currently offers homework help and solutions to students in three grades: elementary, middle, and high school. You can choose your current grade when you first open the app. The algorithm will filter material based on this data in order to find results faster. Not only does QANDA have a huge community to assist you with math problems, but it also has a large community to assist you with exercises in other sciences such as physics and chemistry. QANDA is also regarded as an application that encourages learning motivation. Are you tired of studying alone, with no one to ask questions to, or with exercises that are too difficult? This community of millions of people is constantly there for you, assisting you in overcoming obstacles. Joining a community of people who share your passion will help you obtain more motivation and enjoyment in learning.

English translation tool

QANDA will assist you with a very effective English translation tool if you are studying English, translating, or looking up words. All you have to do is use the camera to capture a bit of English text. The application will recognize the text and provide you with the meanings. According to many assessments, QANDA is far superior to Google Translate. The sentences have been completely translated and are read in a fluent and grammatically correct manner. Of course, you can give it a thumbs up if it’s helpful, or you may give it a thumbs down and provide better suggestions to enhance the translation quality of your app.

You can also try other applications like 365Scores, AZ Screen Recorder, and Fitify.

Q&A with tutors

Machine learning technologies will assist you in locating similar results that have already been posted. But what if you can’t locate an answer or understand the problem’s solution? Don’t worry, QANDA has a vast network of tutors “where you can ask them questions directly and receive the most extensive replies. You use this function by swiping from the search symbol to the question icon, then snapping a photo of the question. Then a setup box will appear, allowing you to enter extra information such as grade level knowledge, subject knowledge (math, science, English, social studies), and supplementary notes or photographs connected to the question. The system will match you with the most appropriate tutor based on this information. Currently, the tutoring Q&A option costs somewhere from 1500 to 2000 cents. If you wish to use this option, you’ll have to pay coins to tutors.

Download QANDA APK for Android

Not only does the program provide knowledge and solutions to “conundrum” difficulties, but it also serves as a community where people can learn and improve together. Because of the aforementioned factors, QANDA has become Korea’s most popular educational app, with over 10 million downloads and a 4.3/5 rating.

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