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Name Pure Tuber
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Package free.tube.premium.advanced.tuber
Publisher Pure Tuber Studio
Category Apps
Size 19M
Requires Android 4.4 Network required
MOD Features No
Introduce about Pure TuberYouTube should be cleaned up.Why did I have to use Pure Tuber?To be honest, I watch practically everything on YouTube, including movies, cartoons, mus...
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Introduce about Pure Tuber

YouTube should be cleaned up.

Why did I have to use Pure Tuber?

To be honest, I watch practically everything on YouTube, including movies, cartoons, music videos, crappy videos, and TV episodes. However, it must be stated that avoiding advertisements is really tiresome, especially in some well-known programs. And it’s not just once or twice in a clip; it might happen multiple times. The more commercials we encounter, the more enraged we may become. That’s why I needed to locate a YouTube-specific ad blocking program to free myself from the “Ads” habit. Now I’ve discovered and am using the Pure Tuber app.

What is Pure Tuber?

This is an application that allows you to watch YouTube videos without being interrupted by advertisements. Background audio and video viewing in minimized window mode are also supported. Even better, it supports Google account login and can be synchronized across any device that has the app installed.


The app is less than 10 MB in size, which is smaller than an interactive novel game I frequently play. However, the interface is Pure Tuber’s best feature in my opinion. It appears to be a different version of YouTube. The operation and control can be fully utilized in less than a second, with no need to spend any time understanding the program. This is a key aspect for someone who dislikes technology as much as I do, and it accounts for over 70% of my decision to stick with Pure Tuber. There is only one little caveat: if you wish to zoom in to see the movie in Full screen mode, you can do so by switching to Fill mode using the three-dot icon in the application. When this option is selected, it will be applied to all subsequent videos.

90% are the same as YouTube but without ads

Pure Tuber, like YouTube, includes a slew of useful features. When using Pure Tuber to watch videos, the app will suggest topics based on the user’s interests and previous search history. Like YouTube, there are video lists categorized by genre, last posted date, and special categories. This section is rather known, therefore using it isn’t too difficult. Quick search is one of the brilliant features that YouTube users adore. You can do whatever you can on YouTube on Pure Tuber. Always offer suggested phrases when searching by keyword. It’s as simple as dragging and opening the toolbar down to the search sign, typing in the character, and you’re done. For those of you who frequently listen to music on YouTube, Pure Tuber now allows you to listen to music even when the screen is turned off or when switching to another program. Movie snippets are also displayed in the same way. They’re still there when you return, ready for you to continue watching. Do you have concerns about the visual and sound quality when using Pure Tuber to watch videos? I’d like to point out that the response is always excellent and dependable. All of the videos range in quality from 144p to 1090p or higher. You can adjust the display settings to match the quality of your home network, of course. However, when watching video on Pure Tuber, the picture and sound lines are generally excellent. You can also download your favorite videos to watch them offline on your phone or tablet. This is a brand-new function in Pure Tube that was previously unavailable. And I’m grateful for the addition. It enhances the convenience and flexibility of an already excellent application.

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Download Pure Tuber APK for Android

Above all, the possibility to watch the same video as on YouTube without any adverts should be enough to convince you to download Pure Tuber right now. Small conveniences like this are the foundation of all major conveniences.

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