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About PUBG MobileI'll share with you the highlights of this game after playing it on bothiOS (iPhone OS X) and Android (early APK file). Before you begin taking part in these thrilling battl...
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About PUBG Mobile

I’ll share with you the highlights of this game after playing it on bothiOS (iPhone OS X) and Android (early APK file). Before you begin taking part in these thrilling battles, hopefully you will have the first overview.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is an online game with a battle royale theme that was created and released by PUBG Corporation, a Bluehole subsidiary. The gameplay in this game, known as “last man standing,” was inspired by the Battle Royale film. This game has amassed millions of players worldwide in just three months since its release, making it one of the most played games in the entire world. Then Tencent and Bluehole worked together to introduce PUBG on the mobile platform, which is now known as PUBG Mobile. When PUBG’s rival, Fortnite, retaliated by releasing a mobile version for Android and iOS, the maker took this measure. Tencent created this version, which makes use of Bluehole to run. PUBG Mobile, which was made available for free on both the Android and iOS platforms and features the same gameplay as the PC version, is quickly overtaking all other mobile game rankings.


100 players will enter the game’s struggle of survival after being dropped off on a barren island, where they must gather weapons and gear to both kill other players and escape being killed themselves. A safe area exists, but it will gradually get smaller, requiring all survivors to relocate. The winner will be the last person still alive.

Original graphics

The game’s graphics astounded me. Tencent provides PUBG Mobile with an exquisitely rendered graphics platform that closely mimics the original, despite the fact that the mobile platform is less powerful than the console or PC. A visual of a plane transporting 100 people playing across a vast island opens the game. You’ll begin your parachute jump from the aircraft after selecting a landing area. Flying through the air in the game offers me a sense of freedom and tranquility that lasts until I touch down in a real-world arena. Each house, hill of grass, car, bridge, and river are carefully planned in order to create a realistic and fascinating experience. You will have a really intriguing experience because each character’s minor nuances in the game are also taken into account. Update: PUBG Mobile Lite will make it much simpler for devices with weak batteries and low-end hardware.

Playing PUBG on Mobile is simpler

The auto-opening feature and auto-loot stuff are the first two aspects of PUBG Mobile that I enjoy. When using a PC, pressing F is required each time you wish to pick up a piece of furniture or open a door. You don’t need to do anything in PUBG Mobile because the game will take care of everything. Using the virtual navigation controls on the screen makes moving and shooting in the game pretty simple. The design of actions like drinking, jumping, sitting, and reloading includes a little virtual key on the screen. Unlike on a PC, you won’t need to memorize every shortcut! Driving is equally as fascinating and not as challenging as the computerized version.

Other details

The remanufactured weapons, accessories, and equipment are exact replicas of the originals. There are three levels for things like caps, armor, and bags; the greater the level, the more room and armor there is. Freshwater can hasten and speed up healing… The death circle moves far more quickly than it did in the original game in all three game modes: solo, pair, and squad. You won’t have much time, so if you don’t want to perish, remember to sprint to the map’s center. The mobile version also includes a variety of new mechanics, including: ranking advancement, creating friends, daily login incentives, and event prizes. With this bonus, you have the opportunity to: can be used to equip your character with new equipment.

About PUBG Mobile MOD APK version

Is there a MOD version of PUBG Mobile?

This is unconfirmable. There isn’t a MOD version of this game at the moment because it is an extremely secure online game.

Can Lulubox app help hack PUBG?

No, this program solely aids with device adjustments for the player. A few details, including GFX, FPS, and skin, can be changed. However, this won’t be noticed by other players. Become familiar with Lulubox. You can also try other applications like My Talking Angela, Vector 2, and Love Island The Game.

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK for Android

I was shocked when I played PUBG Mobile for the first time because I could not believe it was a mobile game. One of the ideal games, with its fun of PUBG, live sound, and extremely detailed graphics. I’ve only spent three hours playing the iOS version on my iPhone X. The fact that you can play PUBG for free is also fantastic, right? If you’re interested in this game, you may download it directly from the game’s APK, iOS, and Android versions using the link that IPHONESIDE has provided at the bottom of this post.

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