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Name Psiphon Pro
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Package com.psiphon3.subscription
Publisher Psiphon Inc.
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Version 350
Size 24M
Requires Android 4.0
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Introduce about Psiphon ProThe internet has everything you're looking for. However, you may be unable to visit those sites due to factors such as distance, geography, or unsuitable material....
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Introduce about Psiphon Pro

The internet has everything you’re looking for. However, you may be unable to visit those sites due to factors such as distance, geography, or unsuitable material. VPN services and phoney IPs were created as a result of this situation. One of them is Psiphon Pro, which is a more powerful version of the Psiphon programme. Use Psiphon Pro to get over your country’s firewalls and censorship, as well as the censorship of website owners, to access the Internet’s vast content vault.

Secure access when using public WiFi

Nowadays, public wifi hotspots are easy to come by and use everywhere you go. People like it because it allows them to access the Internet anytime they want. There are, however, a few risks. This URL can be used by hackers to read surfing data, break into devices, install malware, or steal personal information. Psiphon Pro shields users from third-party dangers by establishing a distinct access channel. As a result, you can browse the Internet without fear. You can turn on each browser separately if you don’t want to turn on a secure connection for the entire device.

Large server network

Psiphon Inc. is one of the most well-known VPN service providers in the world today. They have tens of thousands of servers around the globe. This has several advantages, including maintaining a steady VPN connection. Your connection will be instantly switched to another server if this one goes down, so that the line is not disrupted. The second benefit is that too much access is no longer concentrated on one server. As a result, download speeds will be greatly increased, bandwidth will be kept consistent, and the network will not be overburdened. The application’s third benefit is that it always prioritises connecting to the closest server to improve data transmission and exchange performance.
Another VPN app on IPHONESIDE is Turbo VPN, Snap VPN and Speed VPN.

High-speed access

The access speed is greatly enhanced because to the ability to automatically locate and connect to the closest servers. Psiphon Inc does not give bad quality services, despite being a free application. Psiphon Pro, unlike other VPN programmes, does not impose any speed restrictions, allowing you to get the most out of your connection. It has a huge number of monthly active users as a result of this. Before utilising Psiphon Pro, don’t forget to grant it access and provide it a location.


Analytics is another benefit that I didn’t mention earlier. You can see all of the data that has been sent and received, as well as the overall amount of time that you have been connected. It’s presented as a real-time pulse table, giving the tracking process additional visual appeal. You can enable the waiting period if you’re aware of a lack of bandwidth or a faulty connection.

The reason you should use Psiphon Pro

You have advanced settings in the settings if you purchased the Pro edition. Psiphon Pro will first receive information such as the proxy server IP address, proxy port, username, password, and the related domain for manual proxy customisation. Depending on your needs, you can use HTTP or activate authentication.
Second, the full server and access area has been made available. Double-click the region selection in the settings interface to activate it. You will be able to select from all of them. You should leave it in automated mode, though, if you want the optimum access performance.
Finally, the capacity to access and exchange data in parallel using a variety of protocols, the most common of which are HTTP/HTTPS and TCP nowadays. This enables a faster data transfer and transfer rate, as well as the integrity of the process.

MOD APK version of Psiphon Pro

MOD features

  • No speed restrictions because I’m subscribed.
  • PsiCash Tab should be removed.
  • ANALYTICS is disabled.
  • After you’ve connected, don’t open the browser.

Download Psiphon Pro MOD APK for Android

Although there are other VPN service providers, many users prefer Psiphon Inc. Their service is satisfactory and fits the requirements of users. After using Psiphon Pro, you may check this. Please use the link below to obtain this app. It’s totally free to use.

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