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Poly Bridge 2

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Name Poly Bridge 2
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Package com.drycactus.polybridge2
Publisher Dry Cactus Limited
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Version 1.46
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Requires Android 6.0
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Introduce about Poly Bridge 2If you're a fan of Faker, you probably already know that he frequently engages in a very engaging game of bridge building when looking for matches or after selec...
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Introduce about Poly Bridge 2

If you’re a fan of Faker, you probably already know that he frequently engages in a very engaging game of bridge building when looking for matches or after selecting champions. Faker also had a strong gaming attitude. Are you curious about the games Faker plays? It’s Poly Bridge, a puzzle game that Dry Cactus recently released. Recent statistics show thatiOS and Windows users love this game. We will play Poly Bridge 2, the sequel to the puzzle game mentioned earlier, in this article.


In truth, engineers need a lot of training and expertise to design bridges. Because it directly impacts thousands of people who pass through it every day, it is exceedingly challenging and demands precision in design and execution. You can experience this complexity in Poly Bridge 2 through special bridge-building tasks. You will experience fatigue and a headache every time a simple 2D bridge falls, despite the fact that you carefully and methodically created it. In the game, your goal is to use the resources at hand to construct a bridge that will securely cross a river for automobiles. Only within the parameters of the budgets displayed above the screen are bridges permitted to be constructed. Because the cost of each component is high, you must make calculations to construct on the tightest budget.

This game does not limit the player’s creativity

One element that contributes to Poly Bridge 2’s ability to draw in hundreds of millions of gamers globally is creative freedom. There are countless design options available to you to aid in solving the game’s challenge. The game’s scoring is also not overly rigid; as long as you assist the truck in crossing the river, you have solved the challenge and can move on to the next one. With just a straightforward bridge and a few light vehicles, it was initially pretty simple to solve some of the difficulties. However, things are no longer so simple when you have to solve some challenging riddles. There are additional specifications for your bridge, and you must make sure it is strong enough to support a vehicle crossing the river. Don’t be afraid to use more unconventional methods. The amount of mistakes you can make in the game is unbounded. Try another design if the first one fails. Additionally, you must be mindful of the materials used to construct the bridge. You can select materials that are rigid enough to prevent it from collapsing depending on the kind of vehicles that will be traveling over it.

Sandbox mode

Have you finished Poly Bridge 2’s puzzles? Make your own environments and puzzles by using the Sandbox mode. Do not be reluctant to share your original and enjoyable puzzles with your friends.


Only basic 2D visuals are available in Poly Bridge 2 in terms of graphics and images. It is average, in my opinion. It improves the performance of low-profile Android smartphones and draws attention to Poly Bridge 2’s straightforward gameplay.

About music

Adrian Talens, a Canadian composer, created the music for both sections. This demonstrates Dry Cactus’ intense interest in the game’s finer points in order to provide players the finest possible experience. You can also try other applications like Zombie Catchers, Cytus II, and Blockman GO.

Download Poly Bridge 2 APK free for Android

I had merely intended to play Poly Bridge 2 for amusement. I did, however, wind up spending more time playing the game. The sensation of the bridges crumbling is not at all pleasant. You can look up some other players’ solutions on YouTube if you are stuck on a challenging issue for an extended period of time. The most popular building puzzle game on Google Play in 2020 is Poly Bridge 2. You can get the APK and OBB files for free using the links below, but it costs $0.99.

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