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Why should you use Pokémon HOME?Pokémon games have always been one of the most popular titles since the initial Game Boy version was released in 1996. With a record number of players worl...
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Why should you use Pokémon HOME?

Pokémon games have always been one of the most popular titles since the initial Game Boy version was released in 1996. With a record number of players worldwide, Pokémon GO in particular caused a “Pokémon storm” in 2016. The Pokemon Company’s developers are concerned about a lack of connectedness between their games, given the strong development of the Pokémon player community. Every time a player starts a new game, they must start from the beginning. This is a complete waste of time. Some players have rare Pokemon, and they must part with them in order to start a new game. As a result, gamers will require an application that will allow them to synchronize data between compatible games on the same platform. Pokémon HOME was born, and it quickly established itself as a valuable resource for collectors.

What is Pokémon HOME?

Pokémon HOME is a cloud service that lets you save Pokémon while playing games on many platforms. When you play two Pokemon games on the same platform, you can easily and quickly save Pokemon and move them to other games. There are two versions of Pokémon HOME available right now, one for Nintendo Switch and the other for mobile devices. Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Let’s Go, Eevee!, Pokemon Sword, and Pokemon Shield are all available on the Switch version. Some games, such as Pokemon Bank and Pokemon GO, can be connected to the mobile version. When utilizing Pokémon HOME, keep in mind that you cannot transfer Pokemon between two games on separate platforms. Both platforms, however, can be swapped via the Pokemon Bank feature.

Trade Pokemon with other players

Every Pokemon fan wishes to have a rare Pokemon. Some players have the Pokemon they desire, and you have the Pokemon he desires as well. Great, Pokémon HOME’s GTS (Global Trade Station) feature allows you to trade and exchange Pokemon with other users. This function allows you to get the Pokemon you desire while still accommodating the needs of other players who want to trade with you. Room Exchange, on the other hand, is a place where you can trade Pokemon with other players in the same room. There are a maximum of 20 people in each room. If you are a Premium member, you can host a Room Trade. Wonder Box is a feature in Pokemon games that works similarly to Wonder Trades in that it allows you to trade Pokemon even when you aren’t online. Finally, you can exchange items with gamers on your friend list. With Pokémon HOME’s Add Friend feature, you can make friends with other Pokemon fans and trade with them to catch the Pokemon you want.

You can also try other applications like Simple Contacts Pro, Toomics, and QANDA.


Pokédex is a database that contains all of a Pokemon’s data, including its strength, stats, weight, abilities, and evolution. Players can locate a Pokemon by using information such as its Element, Strength, and stats.

Should you buy the Premium package?

This app is absolutely free to use. However, some features will cost you money. When you upgrade your account to the Premium plan, you will be able to enjoy some of the additional features. To purchase the Premium plan, you must pay $ 2.99 for one month, $ 4.99 for three months, and $ 15.99 for a year. Some of the advantages of using a Premium plan are as follows:

Download Pokémon HOME APK for Android

You can add several rare Pokemon to your collection with Pokémon HOME. This is a fantastic program that will assist you in becoming a Pokemon collector by allowing you to organize and exchange your Pokemon collection. Furthermore, the Mystery Gifts function offers you the chance to receive uncommon Pokemon.

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