Pocket Knights 2

Pocket Knights 2

Enjoy Mobile Game Limited

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Name Pocket Knights 2
Updated On
Package com.mngo.knights
Publisher Enjoy Mobile Game Limited
Category Games
Version 3.1.4
Size 475M
Requires Android 4.2
MOD Features No Skill CD, God Mode, High Damage
Introduce about Pocket Knights 2Dragons and knightsThe storylineIn the realm where Pocket Knights 2 is located, a dark entity comes out of nowhere, grows powerful, and poses a thr...
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Introduce about Pocket Knights 2

Dragons and knights

The storyline

In the realm where Pocket Knights 2 is located, a dark entity comes out of nowhere, grows powerful, and poses a threat to the entire human race. You have been tasked with helping the other knights of the kingdom uncover the wondrous Starcore item in order to defend the realm and vanquish the hostile force. More than 100 heroes from the three dominant races of the kingdom—Human, God, and Devil—can be found in the game. The three races typically engaged in constant warfare. But when they face off against fierce dragons, their common foe, they band together and fight alongside one another. When combat, each race has its unique specialties and advantages. You pick a knight (of a particular race) to play and engage in combat.

Levels, systems and gameplay in Pocket Knights 2

Over time, the term that is producing a frenzy on social media pages for mobile games is Pocket Knights 2. Despite having just mediocre 3D visuals and an overly familiar plot, Pocket Knights 2 features a lot of fresh experiences that players can’t resist. The game’s odd leveling structure is the primary cause. There are numerous levels in the game. Additionally, Pocket Knights 2 must be tried if you are sick of video games that follow a single gameplay mechanic from beginning to end because it is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Specifically:

  • Almost only single player mode from level 1 to level 20. Before you join the knight squad, you go through a process of self-improvement and skill development. The game offers a number of large and minor obstacles, including traversing the jungle and a monster-filled battlefield while also gathering skill points, health points, and a variety of rare resources to enhance your weapons, clothing, and armor.
  • You can freely explore a number of new regions starting at level 30. The more boss fights there are, the more generous and expensive the loot is. And this time, the novelty of the setting, brand-new foes, and obstacles at a much higher level will rapidly cause you to get lightheaded with enthusiasm.
  • You start fighting dragons once your knight reaches a certain level of strength.

Remember that the core of Pocket Knights 2 is an ARPG-style role-playing game in which you can control up to three characters at once, each of whom has unique abilities: a Mage, a Knight, and an Archer. We shall select the ideal hero to battle depending on the circumstance and the adversary. In order to strengthen your character, you need try to gather as many resources as you can in the initial level. There is a lot to say and do, but for the most part all of your mobile job is to move the character and launch skills and attacks by tapping on either side of the screen. Talk about game modes as well. This is another aspect that draws a lot of players to this game. Because in the Arena, in addition to the traditional PvP mode, you can also take part in guild and support your online friends during challenging rounds without having to play them through from beginning to conclusion.

Graphics and sound

The mobile edition of Pocket Knights 2 opted for 3D graphics rather than the previous 2D. However, given the heavy-handed ideologies of many other fantasy role-playing games, 3D is only marginally significant in a pleasant and humorous way. You will occasionally feel pleased and at ease despite having recently lost a boss if you watch colorful scenes with charming characters. This is another element that makes the game overall more enjoyable, upbeat, and easy to breathe. The soundtrack in the game matches the new graphic design. When a character launches their skills in battle situations, the music is strong with sound and light effects. Each scene’s background music is distinctive, contemporary, and distinctly young.

MOD APK version of Pocket Knights 2

MOD features

  • CD – No Skill
  • Deity Mode
  • High Injury
  • CD – No Skill
  • Deity Mode
  • High Injury
  • Note, you use MENU to enable/disable the MOD features. Only use the High Injury feature when Deity Mode is enabled.
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    Download Pocket Knights 2 MOD APK for Android

    The sound in Pocket Knights 2 isn’t quite as impressive, though. It is challenging to jump in and start playing right away if you have only just learned about it and no one has given you any information about how it works. But I’ve covered everything for you in this article. What are you still holding out for? Play the game now by downloading it.

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