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Play Together

Haegin Co., Ltd.

Overview Information

Name Play Together
Updated On
Package com.haegin.playtogether
Publisher Haegin Co., Ltd.
Category Casual
Version 1.40.2
Size 847M
Requires Android 6.0Network required
MOD Features Fast Fishing, Show Fish
Introduce about Play TogetherThe publisher Haegin released the casual game Play Together...
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Introduce about Play Together

The publisher Haegin released the casual game Play Together on December30, 2020. Despite having only been available for a little over a month, the game has received over 50 thousand downloads on Google Play and a rating of 4.5/5 stars. With such a strong beginning, the game indicates that it will become quite popular soon.

Feel free to choose your own character

You have the freedom to unleash your own character creation in the realm of Play Together. You will be able to customize every aspect of the character at the start of the game, including gender, hairdo, skin tone, and emotions. You have complete creative control over the personality of your character. Additionally, there are many various clothes in the game. You can train to be a doctor, firefighter, or astronaut. The game also features adorable animal outfits and adorable cartoon characters for you if you’re a girl and prefer something a little more feminine.

Plaza center is full of fun

The game’s main setting is a Plaza center full of entertaining events. You may eat, play games, and shop for your character in the Plaza. The majority of your playing time will be required here! Although you are free to engage in any activities you like, you must complete the in-game duties when you initially begin the game. If you don’t know where you are going on the map, don’t worry. There will always be a mentor and arrows to assist you in completing your task. Numerous tasks will be spread out around the map near the Plaza hub in the game. As you complete these chores, you progressively come across new interesting locations.

Play with friends

Since the game’s name is Play Together, it places a lot of emphasis on your interactions with your pals. There are many things you can do with your pals, such as taking a road trip to a campground, the suburbs, or even the sea. Additionally, you and your pals can take part in mini-games in the Plaza central area. There are already more than 15 mini-games in the game, all of different genres. You can communicate and make friends with players from all around the world in addition to your buddies. A chat box is constantly present at the bottom of the game’s UI to make it easier to communicate with other characters while you’re together.

Build your world

Do you have to play alone since your pals aren’t online? You can accomplish a lot of awesome things on your own, therefore it’s okay. Do quests to increase your income. If you only work hard, you’ll soon have enough cash to treat yourself to everything you want. To hang out with buddies, own an automobile. Pick your favorite vehicle, whether it be a high-end convertible or an antique car. In addition, you can purchase lovely and adorable creatures to take care of. You may now take care of more than 27 different kinds of creatures in the game, including dogs, cats, and birds. Feeding and walking your pet each day are two ways to care for it. Additionally, because pets are intelligent, you may teach them to comply with various commands like “sit down” and “dance.” You can generate extra money by enrolling in the in-game school in addition to earning money by performing objectives. You can pick to play a variety of characters, including the principal, teachers, and new students. If you decide to be a student, learning won’t be dull at all because the material will be taught through amusing and fun mini-games.


Play Together’s graphics look fantastic when using the incredibly adorable and adorable 3D animation images. The game’s setting is also extremely carefully and accurately done; it simulates a busy, enjoyable shopping center in real life.

MOD APK version of Play Together

MOD features

  • Quick Fishing
  • Give Fish
  • Quick Fishing
  • Give Fish

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Download Play Together APK & MOD for Android

If you want a casual game, Play Together is the best choice. The game allows you to play with pals online and unlocks a world of minigames. Download the game right away and have fun!

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