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Play! Go

App Name Play! Go
Publisher Lord Backup
Genre Apps
Size 8.65MB
Latest Version 1.5
MOD Info
  • No ads
Update September 18, 2021

Download Play Go latest version for Android if you want to watch the best movies and TV series for free on your smartphone. Don’t pay for Netflix again!

Tired of not finding the movie you want to watch?
We have more streaming platforms every month, which means all the best movies and TV shows are more and more scattered among them.

A few years ago, you had everything you need on Netflix, and it was just great. You paid a $10 fee, and then you had access to the best movies and series whenever you wanted to watch them. Disney, Dreamworks, Universal, Warner Bros, every major studio was there, so all the good movies and TV series were in one place.

Stop spending way too much on subscriptions!
It was just like Spotify, only with movies. However, unlike Spotify, competition has divided Netflix library and now you have to subscribe to way too many streaming services in order to watch whatever you want to.

There’s HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube Premium and many more similar services, which means you should spend about $70 monthly to get access to every movie you want to watch. And that’s just insane!

What is Play Go?
Play Go is just the perfect solution for all this mess. Normally, if you want to watch a good movie or a TV series, you have to check first what’s the streaming platform that owns its rights, then check whether you have a subscription to it or not, and finally create an account, pay for it and watch it. However, thanks to Play Go, you can just skip all that, find your movie on this app and simply press play to start watching it. That’s how easy it is! It’s like going back to the good old times, when you only needed to open Netflix to find the best movies and apps, only this time it’s Play Go, and it’s free!

You’ll need Facebook Messenger to set up an account
You will only need a Facebook Messenger account to set up your account on this app so you can start watching all the movies and TV series you want to see. To set up your account on Play Go, you will receive your username and password via Messenger, and once you login for the first time you will be all set!

Play it offline!
Are you planning to take a flight? Do you have a long train trip? Don’t worry about it! You can just download all the content you want to watch and simply play it later directly from your cell phone! If you have an SD card you’ll be able to download tons of movies and episodes, so you won’t need internet at all for a few days!

Chromecast compatible
Also, you can just send your favourite movies or series to your TV via Chromecast or Amazon Firestick to watch them on a large screen. All the content in Play Go online is HD, so you won’t miss Netflix quality. It’s just the same! Simply set up the wireless connection and start enjoying your movies just as if you were in the cinema.

Download Play Go Mod APK Premium
Click on the following link to start enjoying Play Go Mod APK 2020. Download the APK file, install it on your phone and start enjoying all the best movies and TV series, INSTANTLY!