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Plants vs Zombies

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Name Plants vs Zombies
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Category Games
Version 2.9.10
Size 86M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Sun
About Plants vs ZombiesYou will assume the role of a modest host who is determined to thwart the zombie attack by planting a range of defensive and offensive plants in the garden in this cla...
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About Plants vs Zombies

You will assume the role of a modest host who is determined to thwart the zombie attack by planting a range of defensive and offensive plants in the garden in this classic tower defense game. Plants vs. Zombies has been praised for its clever design and rapid, enjoyable pace since it debuted on Google Play in 2013. The game always feels new to the user thanks to a series of frequent updates. These are the reasons why we continue to play this game today:

Interesting plot

The setting of Plants vs. Zombies is a town under zombie attack. They enter the homes and devour every survivor’s brain. To stop zombies from trying to enter your home, it is your responsibility to nurture certain plants.

Many modes and content

You’ll have to deal with the dead. They won’t leave your garden for even a split second. In Plants vs. Zombies, this means that there will be additional game modes for you to formulate a strategy to drive away the zombies once each vanquished swarm is replaced with a new flock. The game combines a number of game modes, including Wall-nut Bowling and Vase Breaking, in addition to adventure, puzzle, Zen Garden, and dozens of mini-games.

Many new plants

The game’s traditional plants like Peashooter, Potato Mine (Potato Explode), and Chomper (Carnivorous Plant) have not changed, but there are now more trees that you may employ as weapons. For instance, you may currently use Burst-o-nut to explode a collection of 3 -3 cells. It is efficient, mild, and nutrient-rich!

Many locations

Adventure mode has 50 really enjoyable levels. You will begin the first ten levels in a well-known garden with appropriate lighting for plants. A wonderful source of income for you to purchase plants that support your approach is natural light. You face tougher obstacles as you go through the stages. You must battle in the dark, the mist, and the water. Your visibility is reduced by fog, and some plants become dormant in the dark. You must strike a balance between land and aquatic vegetation in the pool map. In this game, zombies have excellent swimming skills. They might pull some of your plants with them. Even on water, wall-nut remains a useful remedy. Plants vs. Zombies has levels on the terrace with several scary zombies, same like the PC version. Avoid missing!

More beautiful graphics

It doesn’t matter if you’re human or zombie; appearance matters. You can simply explore this magnificent game like never before thanks to the cutting-edge interface. In Zombiquarium mode, you can combat the Snorkel Zombie with just one tap, or you can replay your favorite level.

MOD APK version of Plants vs Zombies

MOD Features

A sun grants you 1000 light points when you apply our Plants vs. Zombies MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Sun). You can quickly set up your strategy using this function by planting lots of trees to stave against zombie onslaught. With this version, challenging levels are easier to complete. You can also try other applications like Plants vs. Zombies 2, Grand Criminal Online, and World Conqueror 4.


You will have a fun time playing a tower defense game, I promise. And after completing the entire challenge in the game, you can continue your trip in Plants vs. Zombies 2 while waiting for new features in Plants vs. Zombies3, which is soon to be released. Download Plants vs. Zombies via the link provided below.

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