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Introduce about PixivJapanese hand-painted art's elite community!Japanese culture embraces the hand-drawn manga style. These distinctive, passionate artworks have influenced generations of ...
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Introduce about Pixiv

Japanese hand-painted art’s elite community!
Japanese culture embraces the hand-drawn manga style. These distinctive, passionate artworks have influenced generations of followers. Anime is derived from these exquisite hand-drawn artworks in many forms, including games, drawings, and manga.

What is Pixiv?

Pixiv will be familiar to everyone who appreciates Japanese culture, particularly the country’s famed hand-painted art. Pixiv is more than just an application. It has evolved into a social media platform that brings together a diverse group of talented artists and gorgeous paintings with a variety of subjects, styles, and personalities.
Picture books, manga, and graphic novels are examples of their output. Everyone can come in to appreciate, remark, review, or discuss each other’s work when they post to the pixiv community to help each other better.
Pixiv can be compared to a large collection of paintings for typical users who have no intention of following this artistic route. It’s a site where you can see and appreciate all of the best Japanese art masterpieces, all of which have been updated and come in a range of styles.

With pixiv, all beauty cannot be forgotten

It’s not only that there are so many gorgeous, vivid, artistic hand-drawn graphics being overlooked every day. If you enjoy gorgeous photos and are an art fan, you will undoubtedly want to observe as many masterpieces of exquisite hand-drawn images as possible.
Whether it’s for inspiration, going into a sophisticated drawing method, or locating all the gorgeous hand-drawn machine drawings and grouping them all in one spot, you’ll be able to enjoy all the quintessence of this subject.

What can you do in pixiv?

You can upload your own work and read comments and reviews from other people once you create an account on pixiv. In the pixiv community, you may also look at, comment on, and talk about other people’s drawings.
And, because pixiv has practically all of the best hand-drawn images, you may search for all the drawings you wish to see by a variety of parameters with just one simple operation: subject, genre, style, creator, posting date, tag…
Every day, every week, every month, and every year, pixiv publishes a ranking of the top works. You may see all of the best, most popular works by simply clicking here, which is updated every day. This aids in determining the current trend.
You can save and save any image you want to your computer, or share it on other social media sites, so you can come back and look at it again.
Pixiv features a Favorites function that allows you to bookmark images that you like and add them in your favorite image gallery on your website. You can also actively categorize photographs in this Favorites area by tag, topic, or any other criterion you like. This area allows you to mark as many photographs as you want. It has a basic, easy-to-read interface and allows you to personalize the list to your liking, making it ideal for tracking and observing your favorite paintings.

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Download Pixiv APK for Android

Pixiv is a platform where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You will have access to the art that is a part of Japanese culture, whether you are an expert or a novice. Nothing is impossibly impossible when love is present.

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