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Name Pixel Survival Game 2
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Package com.cowbeans.pixelsurvival2
Publisher Cowbeans
Category Action
Version 1.9983
Size 64M
Requires Android 4.4Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Pixel Survival Game 2With more potent combinations than before, Pixel Hero is back.Background and missionThe sequel to the well-liked mobile and PC game Pixel Surv...
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Introduce about Pixel Survival Game 2

With more potent combinations than before, Pixel Hero is back.

Background and mission

The sequel to the well-liked mobile and PC game Pixel Survival is called Pixel Survival Game 2. Part 1 focused on the struggle of a lone thousand-mile pixel hero to find a means to endure the long night. After a while of being free of monsters, everyone in the huge town is now living contentedly beside one another. However, the destructive forces are still present. You will be the one to take the initiative and guide people through once more, just as you did many years ago. This time, because you also need to safeguard a lot of people around, the level of crafting and the quantity of supplies are considerably higher.


I can choose from a wide variety of characters in Pixel Survival Game 2. Super Boy, Super Girl, Badmun, Cavemun, Skull Knight, Cap One, Ironmun, Ninja Skin, Hook, Raccoony, Spi, and Snow Knight are just a few of the characters. You can study the Tutorial, Inventory, Combination, Interact, Adventure, and Boss’s Liar while playing by going to the Main Menu.

  • Drag the inventory item to the proper Equipment box to turn it into equipment.
  • The Bags at the top of the screen contain inventory (right corner).
  • Hot key slots, or the weapons and hot items you can utilize in battle, are located in the first column of equipment slots.
  • Below the list of currently available weapons on the right side of the screen are combat maneuvers like jumping and kicking. You will decide whether to engage in direct combat or ranged defense depending on the circumstances.
  • Click the Combine button in the top corner to create combinations (next to the Inventory button). To combine items, drag them into three combo slots. Many surprising species can be produced by combining elements. Additionally, you can see and use the formulas found in the Combination Book if you want to investigate more methodically.

In order to interact with NPCs or objects in dialog boxes during the game, hit the Interact button (also found in the screen corner). You must gather every resource in Pixel Survival Game 2 and bring it back to your base to build items and engage in combat with nearby hungry monsters in order to survive. Naturally, attempting to gather as many resources as you can in order to build tools, weapons, defense zones, make traps, light fires, and continuously upgrade weaponry is the most crucial thing.

The attraction from many details

The map part 2 has spread to numerous exotic worlds and is no longer restricted to a small town: Grasslands, Darklands, Hell, Tut Tut’s Tomb, Beholder’s Tomb, Survival area, and Enchanted Forest Arena The objective is the same everywhere, although the setting, quest progression, and mini-quests will vary greatly. They also involve exploration, monster hunting, looting, and combining loot with already-existing resources to produce new weapons. To combat the increasingly vicious monsters, improve the weapons you already have, lay traps, and hunt down and destroy monster eggs. With a multiplayer feature that supports up to three players concurrently, Part 2 also improves the attraction. Invite friends over so you can play together, trade items, talk tactics, and dispatch enemies. What could be better than a gaming weekend with your best friend? You can give your character a variety of new items, including weapons, costumes, power-ups, and many improved talents, in the game’s shop section. All are acquired via in-game money. By killing enemies or completing objectives along the journey, one can earn money. You have more opportunities to get wealthy the more monsters you can defeat.

Craft things to survival

The game’s crafting phase is also carried out fairly well in accordance with real-world reasoning. For instance, wood and stone must be combined in order to make a torch. Wood and iron are required to build a trap to keep creatures away. Due to the destruction of creatures, I’ve found that traps only exist for a limited period of time, thus you must continually check and refresh.

Hatch monster eggs!

Pixel Survival Game 2’s “case” of discovering monster eggs, mixing them, and hatching them into adorable pets is its best feature. Once they are adults, they can merge to form new species that are increasingly weird and beautiful. The Combination Book has numerous intriguing combination recipes. The Fusion procedure also applies to weapons and crafting supplies in addition to pets (which come from monsters). In general, maintain reading reference books for some fundamental understanding when you first start playing. The theory is built on books, however you can later create from your own ideas. Don’t forget to look for the hidden chests. You will receive a lot of valuable and uncommon stuff from the silver chest. Gold chests, meanwhile, will give you much better and rarer treasures.

MOD APK version of Pixel Survival Game 2

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds


Diamonds are used to purchase goods for no cost.

Is the game crashed?

Before starting the game, you must close the internet. NEITHER play multiplayer mode nor risk being barred.
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Download Pixel Survival Game 2 MOD APK for Android

There is a lot to explore in this pixel action game, particularly the fantastic Combination feature. This game is a logical choice if you want to play a slow-paced, charming monster battle game.

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