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Pixel Car Racer

Studio Furukawa

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Name Pixel Car Racer
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Package com.StudioFurukawa.PixelCarRacer
Publisher Studio Furukawa
Category Games
Version 1.2.3
Size 52M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Pixel Car Racer: Retro racing game but lots of inspirationThe best pixel-art racing game for AndroidA racing game is yet another example of a timeless concept that game designers c...
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Pixel Car Racer: Retro racing game but lots of inspiration

The best pixel-art racing game for Android

A racing game is yet another example of a timeless concept that game designers continue to work relentlessly to explore. This time is also an exception that does not fit the norm. Pixel Car Racer is a somewhat unusual racing game, including odd pixel-art graphics, arcade action, and retro races, and it promises to deliver thrilling competition. In the game, you are the owner of a garage full of supercars, contemporary engines, and equipment in addition to being a regular racer that competes in races every day. Sometimes, instead of competing for a championship, you compete for a prize that is an auto part that you are lacking. Of course, I advise using headphones and a smartphone with a huge screen when playing racing games or sports in general. Because the majority of them are incredibly motivating, the graphics, effects, sound, and background music in these games have a significant impact on your gameplay experience.

Customize your cars and racetracks

You will first enter your garage and can choose any supercar you want. Then, using your equipment, you can modify the car’s general colors, vignettes, wheels, frame, nose, bottom, ceiling, and height in accordance with the possibilities offered by the game. By altering the speed, repairing the brakes, or boosting the car’s strength and resistance throughout lengthy races, you can even make significant interior modifications. Obviously, even if it is your garage, there is a fee associated with any change you make to the vehicle. You will have the chance to make money and increase your collection of vehicles, accessories, and gear when you eventually enter the race. More than 100 different kinds of supercars in all, with 1000 replaceable parts both inside and out, may be found in Pixel Car Racer. Of course, you may also envision how luxurious the cars will be after each customization.

Exciting races with varied modes

The automobile is completed. Let’s enter now. To start, you can decide whether to play online with other players on the network or offline versus your computer. Whatever the method, you must launch quickly so the adversary can smell the smoke. Playing a racing game gives you the sensation that you are competing in every square inch of asphalt, not just on the circuits and with gorgeous cars. Doesn’t it feel great? Pixel Car Racer disproves my assumption that it would be challenging to create interesting tracks because of the game’s pixel art aesthetics. Avoid the graphics trap that 3D simulation racing games that are based on real races and scenes frequently fall into. With this iconic pixel image and a tiny bit of carelessness, the player will notice the strange, artificial, and unsettling vibe that permeates the entire game. However, things are different in Pixel Car Racer. You no longer give a damn about whether the tracks are real or not, or whether the 3D perspective is reasonable or not, thanks to this timeless retro graphic design. You were solely concerned with the car, the opposition, and the challenging sections of the route.

Gameplay as for children, but also difficult to play

The gameplay of this game is another plus. On most smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is press and touch the screen. You may easily select the speed, turn left or right, accelerate, or brake using the steering wheel control frame that is displayed on the screen; there is no need to envision anything. The objects in Pixel Car Racer are the second positive aspect. You can get a lot of things along the path, from tiny to enormous, without necessarily having to succeed. For instance, you will receive points and a bonus every time you complete a challenging turn; occasionally, the bonus is really significant. The game modes are the third positive aspect. You can play both online and offline, you must agree. But there are other other mini-modes available in offline mode as well, including endless racing, free racing, and custom racing in lengthy races.

MOD APK version of Pixel Car Racer

MOD feature

  • You begin the game with 5000 diamonds and crates, so you have unlimited money.
  • No Ads

You can also try other applications like CSR Racing 2, Robbery Bob, and LIMBO.

Download Pixel Car Racer MOD APK for Android

Guys, don’t hold back any longer! Now go play this game. It’s enjoyable in a very sloppily childlike sense, but the challenge is obviously not appropriate for children. Worthy is a soothing time-killing game that causes neither brain damage nor money. Play and download Pixel Car Racer MOD APK right away!

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