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Name Photoshop Camera
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Publisher Adobe
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Version 1.4.2
Size 91M
Requires Android 9
MOD Features No
Introduce about Photoshop CameraThousands of photography programs are currently available on the market that allow users to enhance the beauty of their favorite images. It's impossible not ...
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Introduce about Photoshop Camera

Thousands of photography programs are currently available on the market that allow users to enhance the beauty of their favorite images. It’s impossible not to include well-known brands like Adobe Lightroom, PicsArts, and, most notably, Photoshop Camera, a free smart photography tool that many people adore and trust. On May22,2020, the newest member of the Adobe family, Photoshop Camera, was published for free on Google Play. This application offers to assist you in creating high-quality, personalized images with a range of strong features.

Powerful toolkits with unique filters

Over 80 unique filters are available in Photoshop Camera, including Studio Light, Bloom, Portrait, Food, Analog, and more. Users can use them on a range of photographs, including selfies, food, and landscapes, without the need for a specific program. Additionally, the editing suite allows customers the ability to change portraits with auto-toning / smoothing, brightening dark areas, decreasing tones for concealed or optimum by using smart AI auto-editing. Photoshop Camera does not require users to have any Photoshop abilities in order to operate it effectively. Landscape images will become more beautiful and intuitive thanks to real-time photo editing effects. Users may effortlessly apply filters and effects to photos, switch between filters quickly, and save them to favorites for later use by swiping left and right. Users can add the effects either before or after snapping a picture. Powerful features that allow users to improve the quality of their images. The image can be easily resized or cropped to fit the intended usage. To highlight an object, use tools to blur the background, focus on the topic (portrait mode), or a specific area. After using it for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you focus too much on filters and AI, this app is better suited for creating photos for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook than for working as a professional photographer.

Portrait mode

One of the most critical aspects of a stunning photograph is the lighting. Photoshop Camera can minimize the illusion of dark areas in portrait shots using Face Light and the ability to optimize light, making them look more fresh and vibrant. In addition, this app intelligently detects the location of each subject in group selfies so that they are not distorted. Users will love the powerful auto identification; all they have to do is select the image, and it will know what effects to apply to generate a landscape-appropriate image. Furthermore, because to the Bokeh technology, the blur effect is considerably easier to apply.

Professional lens

Photoshop Camera is capable of meeting this criteria, especially if you appreciate photo filters and color correction of some photographers but can’t generate color duplicates like them. You’ll be able to see your own work through the eyes of your favorite photographers utilizing their custom-made lenses thanks to a number of filters influenced by notable artists.

Easy to share

Photoshop Camera can export high-resolution photographs and supports practically all file types, including RAW. It also allows users to access fantastic images from top photo editors all over the world. The app has also been linked to a number of popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, if you have stunning images, don’t be shy about sharing them!

MOD APK version of Photoshop Camera

Soon to be released!

Download Photoshop Camera APK for Android

Photoshop Camera, despite being the newest member of the Adobe family and having just recently been released, is steadily gaining ground. Essentially, the software may cover all of a user’s requirements for a photo-taking and photo-editing program on a mobile device. The original compositions will be more brilliant than ever thanks to a variety of fantastic editing tools and filters.

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