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Introduce about PhontoAdd text to an image in a beautiful and simple way!When do you need to add text to the image?Anyone who uses social media will be familiar with Story, a f...
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Introduce about Phonto

Add text to an image in a beautiful and simple way!

When do you need to add text to the image?

Anyone who uses social media will be familiar with Story, a fun feature that has spawned a slew of new trends among the youth. Inserting text onto an image is a classic content editing approach for Stories. The more the visual impact of the Story, the wilder and more distinctive the text is, as well as the better the effect. Not only for social media, but there are a variety of circumstances where you might want to insert text into a picture to highlight the content you want to display on the image or to draw attention to a certain aspect in the image. There are instances when you need to build a family photo album and need to put down some significant dates right on each photograph… Additionally, having a dedicated app on your device will save you a significant amount of time and work. Remember to download Phonto to use whenever you want to add text to photographs with style, art, and a variety of settings.

Phonto is easy to use and friendly

There are more than 200 fonts available in this program. It’s also very simple to add text to an image. Simply upload the image you want to alter into the app, select the text location, font, and type the content you want to write. You can also resize the text by touching it with two fingers, dragging it to zoom in or out, or selecting the size for the words from the boxes. Continue to rotate the text in the desired direction with two fingers, adjust the font until you like it, add a new style to your text… Everything you need is right there on the screen; simply touch to choose and rotate to change the text to your liking.

After you are satisfied, click save and choose to export to your device or publish directly to social networks.

The major advantage of Phonto may be noticed in the fact that the interface is really straightforward and easy to learn. There are no intermediate steps because all functions are displayed on the same page. Anyone, regardless of age or location, can readily open and use it.

Customize the font freely to your liking

As I previously stated, Phonto already has over 200 fairly cool typefaces in a variety of styles, including classic, modern, neutral, minimalist, sophisticated, winding, straight, and basic… However, if you are still dissatisfied, you can install other fonts on your own. Simply download the font to your device, add it to Phonto, and use it in your next picture editing project. This feature enables users from a variety of nations to freely modify the font in order to have more options that are appropriate for their language. The capacity to adjust many different components on the words themselves demonstrates Phonto’s adaptability. When adding text to an image, you can move it to any location on the image at will. Then resize, change the color, alter the font, adjust the spacing between letters, between paragraphs, between lines… Every shift has its own set of advantages. Resizing the text will make it look neater, slimmer, and more appropriate for the image and design intent; changing the colors and fonts will polish and beautify the image; and converting the size between lines will make it easier to see and feel more open. Simply tweak to your heart’s content in order to achieve the greatest possible result.

Multiple ways to highlight text content

When using Phonto to add text to a picture, you can highlight the text content in a variety of ways. Underline is one of the simplest and most popular methods for the current minimalist style. Phonto provides a wide selection of unusual underline styles, including single, double, triple, curved, straight, broken, polka dot, textured lines, and so on. All of them are available. The image and words on it can sometimes become really special with only a small effect. To make things more challenging, you can use the Text Shadow function to add a subtle aesthetic touch to the text. Every typeface has a variety of shadow styles and colors to choose from. Phonto’s Blending tool, which allows you to blend everything together to produce a newer effect for the words on the image, is a little more complicated.

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An easy-to-use program with a simple layout and concentrated functions. Everything is shown on a single screen page. Text/text effects on photos are now fast, gorgeous, and extremely adaptable. Phonto can assist you in fast and efficiently adding any text to an image.20M

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