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Name Perfect Me
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Package com.accordion.perfectme
Publisher Ryzenrise
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Version 6.9.9
Size 73M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Introduce about Perfect MeWith a great body and face, you can have a professional virtual existence! ...
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Introduce about Perfect Me

With a great body and face, you can have a professional virtual existence! Perfect Me is a face and body editing tool that works in every environment and for any user. Perfect Me has to be the most powerful, thorough, and sophisticated picture editor I’ve ever used out of all the photo editing programs I’ve tried.

Become a supermodel in a moment

Long legs, small waist, and hourglass figure What person doesn’t enjoy them? However, while you are still putting the unfinished gym exercises into practice and pursuing your daily diet plan with zeal, the virtual world is not waiting for you. So, of course, in order to achieve the objective of living a virtual existence, it is important to be “very” gorgeous in every stance. If you’re thinking the same way as me, Perfect Me’s powerful “Body Editing” feature set is for you. Perfect Me’s body shaping tools are so powerful and detailed that you may find yourself wishing you were the one in the picture after editing. Reducing the waist, raising the first round, making the third round float, stroking the legs to make them slim and long, adding abdominal muscles, tattooing anyplace on the body, slimming the arms… are just a few basic actions that can be taken. So, in less than a minute, you’ll have a beautiful figure. You can comfortably post on any social network at this moment and “search” for likes.

In an instant, the beautiful face will be yours

It appears that having a perfect figure isn’t enough. You’ll need a golden-proportioned face that will fascinate everyone who happens to stumble across Instagram or Facebook. You can improve any feature on your face in Perfect Me with only one touch and customizing the effect: eliminate acne, freckles, smooth skin, brighten skin, narrow nose bridge, eyes double eyelids, full-shaped brows, luscious lips, rosy cheeks, thick, jet-black hair… Any part of your face that you don’t like can be modified till you like it. Perfect Me features a fairly good automatic face correction tool called Facelift that not only impacts every minor detail on the face but also affects every small detail on the face. It will make your entire face appear smaller, thinner, and more youthful. After you’ve used this common function for a while, you may find that you don’t need to modify the settings one by one and still have a lovely selca. You can even modify the color of your hair, fill in gaps in your scalp, whiten your teeth, and repair cosmetic flaws if you so desire. Perfect Me’s Face Editor feature set also includes these intriguing features.

One of the most diverse effect filters today

You’ll move on to the collection of Filters available in Perfect Me once you’re satisfied with your figure and face. With just one touch, the photo’s color tone, effects, depth, brightness, and contrast have all been drastically altered. To change the effect, simply drag and touch the adjustment bar. In just a few minutes, a complete photo can be created. Perfect Me also has a number of popular photo editing features, such as other orthopedic effects, in addition to various Filters. Hundreds of stickers depicting various emotions are included, as well as a set of basic photo editing tools such as collage, background change, photo rotation, and resizing to fit each purpose. Perfect Me also includes a comprehensive set of advanced photo editing tools, such as brightness, saturation, and contrast adjustments, to help you make your photos more delicate. We also need to talk about the fashionable photo frames in Perfect Me. You can add a set of outer border photo frames to create “focus” for the image after adjusting the body, face, adding color tones, effects, and then adding stickers to edit things again. In Perfect Me, you can choose from a variety of frame templates based on tone, style, mood, and more. Each frame gives your photo its own personality in cyberspace.

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MOD APK version of Perfect Me

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download Perfect Me APK & MOD for Android

Perfect Me is the most comprehensive orthopedic program I’ve ever seen. It intervenes in every aspect on both the face and the body, and all photo editing tools, from basic to advanced, are completely supported (effects, filters, stickers, collages, background changes…). It’s time for you to shine professionally on the internet, boys.

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