Payback 2

Payback 2

Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd

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Name Payback 2
Updated On
Package net.apex_designs.payback2
Publisher Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd
Category Arcade
Size 98M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Payback 2After the success of Payback, Apex Design published Payback 2...
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Introduce about Payback 2

After the success of Payback, Apex Design published Payback 2. The tense atmosphere of the conflict between the famed mafia gangs is once again enjoyed by players as they engage in purge battles. Payback 2 has a lot of new features and enhancements that should provide for some thrilling new experiences.


In the mafia-themed video game Payback2, gang wars are depicted. You begin the game as a man who works for a violent boss in the city. You are given risky missions like engaging in illicit automobile races, participating in underground auctions, or black-market transactions. Naturally, the primary focus of the game is on gang conflict and purging. The labor is highly risky and complicated. You must have courage in the face of many adversaries. On the other side, to quickly defeat them, you also need to think of ways to trap them. Along with finishing the tasks specified, there are other other ways to earn money. You are allowed to act like a true mafia and play freely in an open setting. disrupting bystanders and smashing cars. You can also make more money this way. You might feel that the developer “hyped up” everything too much when playing Payback 2’s battle. However, they also want to instill a sense of enjoyment through unusual encounters.


Payback 2 is an unusual game that offers players as many campaigns to explore as they do. There are more than 50 different campaigns, including ones where players fight gangsters, race rockets, helicopters, and cars across wide streets. In order to get more knowledge and experience, players can select the single-player mode. When you’re feeling more confident, you can enter the multiplayer mode to battle other players from all around the world as well as your friends. In addition, the custom mode enables players to design original mini-games. In addition to the standard modes and campaigns, Payback 2 hosts weekly events. Developers are constantly seeking for ways to plan it each week. Although the task is difficult, the rewards are well worth the effort.


You cannot go on missions in the underworld as a mobster without weapons. From melee weapons like knives, electric batons, and baseball bats to “hot goods” on the blacklist like pistols, rocket launchers, machine guns, flamethrowers, and grenades, Payback 2 offers a vast variety of weapons. To demonstrate that you are not a novice, learn how to utilize weapons effectively. By making the amount of bullets infinite, the game makes things easier. Enemies can be fought with open arms.


One of the things that few action games offer is the transport collecting. Supercars, tanks, and helicopters are all under your power. They can engage in large-scale combat in addition to shielding you from the barrage of gunshots. You can do the task more rapidly as a result. For beginners, controlling a vehicle might be challenging. Because the opponent has the ability to knock you off the road if you are not careful.

About ads video

Even if the developer has made several improvements, the adverts still show up and interfere with gameplay. You receive some benefits, such as increased awards or a revival, for watching the advertisement. But even if you succeed, you’ll still have to sit through a1, 2-minute grating video.

MOD APK version of Payback 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: In the game, you have an endless supply of money.

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Download Payback 2 MOD APK for Android

Payback 2 offers more intriguing and alluring advertisements than the first iteration. For the first time, the game provides an enjoyable experience, but it still requires some modifications to entice gamers to play for longer. Although created on a 3D platform, graphics are still not very detailed. To give players a better experience, it is hoped that developers would update and enhance the graphics while lowering the number of adverts.

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