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App Name Paste Keyboard
Publisher Coşkun Apps
Genre Apps
Size 1.95MB
Latest Version 1.3.2
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Update September 23, 2021

We use our smartphones a lot today for a lot of things. But in almost any app that we use, we type regularly since that’s the only way to input our information. We use our phone’s keyboard for texting, chatting and inputting a lot of info today. But sometimes, it can take too long for things to be typed so we just copy and paste things from our notes. But with Paste Keyboard, you can get a built-in note in the keyboard for easier access!

This incredible app is a great invention that can be used for any activity and by anyone. It was developed by Techin Park and it can easily be installed and configured so you can use it right away. Here, you can input your passwords, email addresses, long messages and any templates that you use all the time. You can then easily retrieve them without navigating away from your keyboard as it’s stored there.

Type Faster
Do you type a lot with your smartphone today? There’s a huge chance that you do since a lot of us own smartphones today and the main way we can send messages is through texts and chats. Although typing has made it easier to communicate, it’s still easier when you’re doing it with a physical keyboard and mouse. Since most smartphone keyboards are small, we can’t type efficiently and quickly. So, you’ll need Paste Keyboard which is an all-in-one keyboard tool that you can use today.

Here, you can easily access all of the emails, passwords, login details and long messages in the app. The way this works is that the keyboard has a built-in notepad where you can store important texts. This way, you can easily retrieve them whenever you need them without using a third-party app. As you can see, you can conveniently use this app for many things such as email addresses, passwords, long messages and many more.

This is the best keyboard app to have now as it solves many of our problems. It works just like your normal keyboard but with some special features.

Paste Keyboard Features
If you use your smartphone keyboard a lot, it’s time to use Paste Keyboard! This is an incredible app you can use today.

Type Quickly – No matter how fast you type on a real keyboard, a smartphone keyboard is different. It’s small so you’re bound to make a mistake sometimes and it also doesn’t provide real keys. But it’s infinitely better than sticking to the first-generation keypads we had back then. But if you’re wondering if there’s any way we can type quickly, you should download Paste Keyboard now! This is a highly unique keyboard app that enables you to quickly copy and paste texts.

This isn’t just a keyboard app as it has a built-in notepad that allows you to store any text you want. This is perfect for emails, messages, passwords, and other important details that you use regularly. With this, you can easily save them in the app and then copy and paste them when needed. That’s the main purpose of this app!

Store Texts – In this app, you can literally store any types of text you want today. Whether it’s a short or a long message, there’s no limit to how long you can store in here. You then store email addresses, templates, long messages and other important info that you regularly use. This is perfect if you’re running a business or even if you’re using it for personal purposes. With this app, you can easily retrieve any text today and paste it in the message bar so you can send it.

Easy to Install and use – With Paste Keyboard, you can easily install and use it today. This app replaces your old keyboard and gives you a new functional one that you don’t have to replace ever again! Share it with everyone you know who has a smartphone today.

Free and simple – This convenient app is free to use and simple to install. It works just like any app so you don’t need to configure it any more. You can also customize it thoroughly.