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Name Pascal’s Wager
Updated On
Publisher Giant Global
Category Action
Version 1.1.1
Size 71M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about Pascal's WagerEver consider a world without the sun? In Pascal's Wager, the newest action title from Giant Global, that took place. It's expected that the game would make pla...
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Introduce about Pascal’s Wager

Ever consider a world without the sun? In Pascal’s Wager, the newest action title from Giant Global, that took place. It’s expected that the game would make players momentarily forget about Dark Souls. This game has finally been published in an Android version following its success on the Xbox, PS4, and most recently the iOS edition. Pascal’s Wager is praised highly for its incredibly in-depth and complex storyline, which lasts for almost 20 hours, when compared to other role-playing games of the same genre. You will embark on an endless adventure thanks to the narrator’s voice, numerous NPCs, and lighting effects.


A Sun that has fallen, a dark world. In Pascal’s Wager, the Colossus, the gods who grant everyone light, are mentioned. They supposedly appeared when the sun vanished, putting the entire kingdom into an endless state of darkness. In addition to emitting light and guiding travelers to the region of light, Colossus also clears the Mist of the Night. People must follow the Colossus in order to survive in the world of darkness. They are referred to as The Walking Gods as a result. The Colossus are dispersed around many locations. The mine is close to the Colossus of Heggem. Heggem’s light is essential for life and work. They are anticipating another migration. After Marred’s strikes, the Colossus of Adamina became more vulnerable. But his light is enough to keep the survivors safe from Sendril and the night. But the Colossus likewise gently and inexplicably fell, just like the sun. Terrence, a postman, lost his cherished wife. Terrence set out to find his missing wife and unravel the secrets of this realm since he thought she was responsible for the collapse of the Colossi.


The Pascal’s Wager’s pictorial component is difficult to overlook. It depicts a dark, icy, and bleak planet in a genuinely amazing fashion using intricate 3D graphics. Overall, Giant Global did a fantastic job with the Android version’s appearance. Overall, the game still has certain distinctive charms that you can only find at Pascal’s Wager, even though some effects don’t exactly match. The setting, people, and creatures are all meticulously and realistically simulated. You are completely submerged in a realm of darkness, with adventure at every turn. Additionally, you will appreciate the fantastically shot cut sequences that match the game’s tempo.

The sound

I’m particularly interested in two components when discussing the sound of Pascal’s Wager: music and voiceover. There is no denying that the publisher has done exceptionally well with the soundtrack. Another element that contributes to the game’s increased chill and gloom is sound. It is successful in evoking emotions in players in various settings and plotlines, making them feel eager, intrigued, and delighted to wait and see what happens next. However, a lot of users have voiced their displeasure with the game’s voices. The vocals occasionally don’t fit the environment or the background music. The result is a strange overall picture. You can understand the publisher’s low financial resources. Hopefully, the upcoming releases will address this.


Although Pascal’s Wager features a rich and in-depth plot, its gameplay is quite similar to those of other games in the same genre. You pick your preferred character, engage in conflict with them, and discover the rest of the story. In the game, you can utilize two characters at once; if one of them loses, the other one can enter the fray and carry on the conflict. Additionally, two characters may be switched at any time. You have flexibility in selecting the best strategies for each region thanks to this capability. The console has an exquisite design. The publisher has simplified the control keys as much as possible to avoid taking up too much screen real estate in an effort to help you fully enjoy the game’s video. the well-known role-playing game control system. The virtual joystick on the left (which is hidden) is used to control movement while the keys on the right are used to perform skills like slicing, gliding, and blocking. Instead of being presented above, the two bars below show data such as mana and HP.


The figure we mentioned in the plot, Terrence, is a knight. He is a postman who was excommunicated from the Church due to past transgressions. He comes across a clue one day that points to Colossus’ destruction. He set off to look into the Colossus mystery and locate his wife who had gone missing. With a gun, Viola is a gunner. After being unintentionally saved by Terrence from Sendril, she joins him. She has a rather enigmatic past with the Church. She kept her true identity hidden, even from Terrence. Norwood is a masked assassin who is shrouded in mystery. Terrence was in Adamina when Norwood rescued him. He could kill any Marred with ease even with just one arm. Benita is a magic-capable monk. Terrence only has her as a buddy. To save her comrades, she gave up her sight. She didn’t care because her planet had never experienced light before.

Fixed License version of Pascal’s Wager APK

The paid game Pascal’s Wager is incredibly safe. As a result, installing the game through standard APK files distributed over a network is not possible. License issues have been fixed in the APK version at IPHONESIDE, and you may play the complete game upon downloading.

How to install Pascal’s Wager

Note: This file is not an OBB. You can also try other applications like Tap Tap Breaking, BitLife, and My Talking Tom.

Download Pascal’s Wager APK free for Android

Although Pascal’s Wager is available on our website for free download and installation, it costs $3.99 in the Google Play store. Are you prepared to embark on the quest to reclaim the light, which has been lost in the human kingdom for far too long?

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