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Name Panda Gamepad Pro
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Package com.panda.gamepad
Publisher Panda Gaming Studio
Category Apps
Version 1.4.9
Size 8M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
Panda Gamepad Pro: Play mobile game with console gamepad controllerMany shooting games, such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Rules Of Survival, and others, currently use a large number of buttons...
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Panda Gamepad Pro: Play mobile game with console gamepad controller

Many shooting games, such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Rules Of Survival, and others, currently use a large number of buttons on the screen. It will be difficult to control skillfully if you do not practice a lot. However, with this fantastic program, you can connect your gamepad to it and set it up and control it more effortlessly than ever before. Panda Gaming Studio created Panda Gamepad Pro in the intention of making it easier for players to play games on their phones. Despite the fact that it is only a Beta edition, it has piqued the interest of a large number of people. So, what are its distinguishing characteristics? Let’s see what we can find out together!

Keymapper is designed specifically for the gamepad

To connect the gamepad to your phone device, you must first open the game through this program. Panda Gamepad Pro will then supply you with a classic gamepad with all of the requested capabilities. Then you must link the buttons in order for the touch buttons to fit on the phone’s screen. So, after you’ve finished installing and adjusting everything, all that’s left is for you to join and play your favorite game. Isn’t it straightforward?

Outstanding features

The first distinguishing aspect is the user interface’s simplicity; users may fully explore the application’s functionalities. The application’s interface’s simplicity contributes to gamers’ comfort by allowing them to quickly become accustomed to it. Panda Gamepad Pro not only has a user-friendly UI, but it also includes a slew of other noteworthy features. You must clone your program to use the gamepad in other applications. As a result, your home screen will have two comparable apps. This is a disadvantage since you can confuse the main application with the inactive handle, wasting time logging in again. Panda Gamepad Pro, on the other hand, allows customers to use the application without having to duplicate it. The app also includes some additional capabilities, such as the ability to log in and synchronize settings with your Google Play account. This is incredibly useful if you wish to reload the device or buy a new phone because you can still use the settings that you previously updated.


Because this is still a Beta version, there are numerous limits in addition to the superiority that this application possesses. Panda Gamepad Pro only accepts wireless gamepads and does not accept wireless keyboards with mice. As a result, you should be aware of this to avoid being perplexed as to why the program refuses to accept the device. The fact that you must root your device is a major disadvantage of the app. Rooting a phone is well known to be hazardous, and if done incorrectly, can convert your phone into a brick for a short period of time. However, running the external trigger on a computer is another approach to activate the application. The publisher has also provided detailed instructions, which you must simply follow. Because the application is still in beta, the game’s performance may be impaired. Adding an external application to the game can make it more heavy and memory-intensive, causing jerks and lag for a phone with a poor configuration while you’re playing.

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Download Panda Gamepad Pro APK for Android

Panda Gamepad Pro is an excellent program that is simple to use. Because there are a few small flaws, this software will require user assistance and support. If you run across any problems while using the app, please let the publisher know so that they can fix and improve it. Download and try out this great app for free using the link provided below the article.

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