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Introduce about ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISEThe popular manga series One Piece, which is sporadically serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, has drawn readers from all around the world. On July19,19...
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The popular manga series One Piece, which is sporadically serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, has drawn readers from all around the world. On July19,1997, the series made its debut in the 34th issue. The 23-year odyssey of the series has not yet reached its conclusion. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment created the turn-based video game ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, which borrows the storyline from the original manga. After each update, the plot is still being changed. So you won’t have to wonder if the story has been altered or shortened. The manga is set during the period of pirates that started after the execution of infamous pirate Gol D. Roger, as you probably already know. He uttered something revolutionary just before he passed away, starting the age of the pirates: “What do I value? Go to the sea if you want to obtain it! Get it! I have abandoned everything in the ocean! “. This adage is what prompts everyone to head to the sea in search of the One Piece treasure. And that marks the start of the tale of the era of the pirates.


The gameplay in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is Turn-Based and quite intricate. You must participate in order to inflict as much harm as you can, rather than just watching the characters struggle with one another. The word “BAM” will appear all around the chosen target after your first character rushes to hit it. You must click on the following character to initiate Chain Attack once “BAM” has shrunk to the crosshair. Additionally, you can combine Chain Attack with Special Attack when employing a character’s special skill—each character has a unique skill—to deal more damage. You must have superb timing to win this game. Additionally, the character attacks that counter each other in this game add to its tactical complexity. In every combat, counter-boards will show up. If your attack counters the opponent’s element, it will deal more damage; if it does the opposite, it will deal less damage.

Build your team

A SINGLE-PIECE TREAT More than 2000 characters from the well-known One Piece work are owned by CRUISE. You can expect to run into Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Robin “Child of the Devil,” Pirate Nami, and Hancook. With so many characters, you can easily compile a collection of your favorites. Using the characters in your collection, you must create a team of six people. You can create countless squads with up to 2000 characters, and they can of course have a super strong or super weak roster. Will a group of elite characters achieve invincibility? That is untrue. Since this is a strategy game, as I have mentioned, it takes skill to put together a winning team. If you’re a beginner, you can check out the ranks and instructions for building a squad on several websites and YouTube channels.

Explore the content of each chapter

You will follow Luffy’s story, and Romance Dawn is the first chapter. Luffy was with Red-haired Shanks, the man he admired, in the village of Foosha. After growing up, Luffy sailed to sea and assembled his own Straw Hat crew. It was that individual who inspired him to desire to be a pirate. In ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, you’ll follow the plot and engage in battle with the foes that Luffy must overcome. You will face various obstacles and trials on the journey to find One Piece treasure, starting with Alvida and moving on to Captain Morgan, The Clown Buggy.


Character improvements are necessary for you to easily defeat the enemy because they will grow stronger with time, and eventually you will have to battle Marine Admiral Yonko. To make the collection of advanced characters stronger, you must level them up and use the rune system to boost their strength.


According to significant holidays, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE also offers limited-time events. My advise is to concentrate on it when attending those events because it will offer highly alluring prizes, possibly restricted characters, or even supplies for you to improve your character.


Regarding graphics, The design of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE combines 2D and 3D chibi visuals. When you try to see a character’s information, it will show 2D photos, but when you engage a battle, the character transforms into chibi figures. The chibi characters are adorable, and the skill animations maintain the original series’ flair. This is the level of sophistication that BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment provides in terms of game visuals.


As I previously mentioned, this is a collectible game, thus you should Reroll to get off to a strong start. To examine the Tier List of characters, directions for assembling squads, game-easing strategies, or just if you want to possess your favorite character, you can go online. The best way to help you Reroll more faster and more conveniently is to use an Android emulator.


MOD features

  • Deity Mode
  • Large Damage
  • Deity Mode
  • Large Damage

Do you stuck at tutorial?

To complete the lesson, you must first install (overwrite) the bypass before doing the same with the MOD version. Reminder: Don’t remove the bypass version. You can also try other applications like The Wolf, Rush Rally 3, and X-Plane Flight Simulator.


In my opinion, this One Piece game is excellent and fascinating. The gameplay and aesthetics of the game are both excellent. You must play this game if you enjoy the One Piece manga series. You can start your search for One Piece treasure by simply installing the APK file that is available for download below the post.

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