One Night at Flumpty’s 3

One Night at Flumpty’s 3

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Name One Night at Flumpty’s 3
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Package com.Clickteam.ONAF3
Publisher Clickteam Usa Llc
Category Games
Version 1.1.3
Size 155M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features No
Introduce about One Night at Flumpty's 3Get along with the ghost eggs!"Cute" ProposalI'm Flumpty Bumpty, and this is the first line in ...
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Introduce about One Night at Flumpty’s 3

Get along with the ghost eggs!

“Cute” Proposal

I’m Flumpty Bumpty, and this is the first line in One Night at Flumpty’s 3. I’m simply a fat egg, but I have the advantage of living a very long life because I have defied the laws of space and time to arrive here. I want to take you somewhere fun where we can become friends since I like you. It’s a little dark here, and I can get to you at any time, so I hope you’re adept at concealing. Do your best, and good luck to you. How will you feel if a loud voice with this kind of content echoes through the tranquil night? A great deal of curiosity, worry, and inhibitions started to surface. Our game starts right there. It actually refers to the Flumpty Bumpty bloody ghost egg. Additionally, One Night at Flumpty’s 3 is a true horror tale. In this tale, whomever you are, you are being taken by Flumpty Bumpty the ghost egg. Simply put, Flumpty Bumpty likes you and wants to make friends with you. But in order to get along with this strange egg, you’ll have to face a life-threatening obstacle: take part in a game of hide and seek with Flumpty Bumpty and its absurd companions, such as Birthday Boy Blam, the Redman, and other small monsters. You will lose and die right there on the spot if a ghost jumps out to startle you. And you and Flumpty Bumpty will become close friends if you manage to hang in there and survive until six in the morning the next day.


The gameplay is quite basic. From the eerie effect it produces is anything but straightforward. The spirits that are skulking someplace outside will be completely separated from you and will be in a dark, wet chamber. But sooner or later they will find a way. At the front of the room, did you notice the two electric doors and lights? They’ll enter via there. There is already a network of concealed cameras set up around this enormous structure. The player’s job is to carefully monitor these cameras all the time to look for any moving things on the screens. Use this approach to quickly identify their presence in other rooms, then block their entry or, if required, kill them by slamming the two doors. The ideal scenario is that. However, when performing One Night at Flumpty’s3, things are less than ideal because the electrical system has been discreetly wrecked by the egg ghosts. Therefore, you never have more than a tiny quantity of backup power. You can’t keep slamming the doors; eventually, the door will lose power and remain still as you wait for the ghost eggs to enter. So you can’t just take chances or hope for the best; if you want to survive till 6 am the next morning, you need to have a good plan. Pay close attention and make calculations so that you can use the fewest possible door smashes. For instance, if you notice two ghosts appearing simultaneously, slam the door simultaneously to cause them to perish together after each arrow hits two swallows. These are tactics for fending off ghosts. But with the small creatures, that is the case. It’s much more spectacular for powerful individuals like Flumpty and his associates Birthday Boy Blam and the Redman. They will turn out all of the lights before they enter the space. These monsters will try to frighten and devour you while everyone is in the dark. However, there is a chance of surviving. You’ll be able to use the door at this point. Thankfully, there is some electricity at the front entrance thanks to the light being turned off. That implies that you just have one final opportunity to catch them.

Graphics and sound

Regarding One Night at Flumpy’s 3’s graphics, not much can be said. Of course, you can’t admire it in the usual 3D or detailed form while playing the game. The game only has a 2D design, and everything appears to be hazy and flickering, making it difficult to view. However, after some time of gameplay, you will realize that this was the manufacturer’s aim. Because the ghosts can occasionally blend in with the background, making the pictures difficult to distinguish. The ghosts are essentially all different types of ghost eggs, therefore they have a fat form, a bewildered expression, and initially appear cute before brutally slaughtering you. The murder sequences in One Night at Flumpty’s 3 are especially unsettling because of the stark contrast between adorable and horror. Of course, a variety of ominous noises and sounds are necessary. There is no background music in the game, and everything is in pitch-black silence. So much so that you can hear each cracking of the fireplace’s wood. This desolate, lonely area adds to the quest of survival’s frightening quality. Enjoy this game’s Part 1 right here!
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The horror game appears to be very simple and cute, but it’s actually very challenging. Its gameplay is distinct. The plot is similarly unique. Whoever enjoys scary games but dislikes excessive gore should play this game!

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