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Introduce about OctopusKeyboards and mouse may be shared with mobile phones using a keys mod program for gamepads, giving you a PC-like experience.Technology is so magical that you ca...
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Introduce about Octopus

Keyboards and mouse may be shared with mobile phones using a keys mod program for gamepads, giving you a PC-like experience.

Technology is so magical that you can now play mobile games with gamepads

Technology can sometimes provide us with a plethora of unexpectedly interesting items. I used to play with Game Boy consoles, then consoles with enormous screens, and finally a PC with a controller two decades ago. So far, we’ve been able to play games on our phones using a controller. For those who are unfamiliar, using a controller to play games on a mobile device (especially one with a super-wide screen) is a thrilling experience. Naturally, everything appears to be so small. We can still play the latest games in a neat manner like a true pro gamer without a large PC set or the need to invest hundreds of dollars in a massive gaming machine. But the bad news is that not all games are compatible with gamepads on phones, and not all gamepads can fully support all gamepad actions. As a result, one thing that players are frequently need to complete is the key mapping step. Root or utilizing a PC to grant permissions are the two most frequent methods for mapping keys. However, rooting runs the danger of causing software harm to the phone, and for PC, PC may not be available at the location where you are playing. As a result, the only option to prevent these dangers while still mapping keys for gamepads is to use specialized software. Octopus comes highly recommended at this time. Why? Let’s have a look at what this heavenly application has to offer!

Octopus is a powerful arm for mobile gaming with a gamepad

Octopus is a rootless keys mapping tool for gamepads that works by mapping peripherals to touch displays. This application works with the majority of existing gamepads, including the most recent ones. The keys map’s effect is extremely fast, comparable to key mapping on a computer. Furthermore, this program allows you to modify both the keyboard and mouse in order to play several FPS games on your phone. In a nutshell, it may change anything from the gamepad to the keyboard and mouse.

Quick summary of steps to use Octopus

Octopus is simple to use; I believe that everyone who is intrigued and has played mobile games with a controller will be able to do so. It entails the following steps in particular: Step1: Get a gamepad and a smartphone ready (Android 4.4 or higher) Step2: Go to Google Play and download Octopus. OctActiveTool.exe should be extracted and launched. Step3: Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable and follow the instructions below: Start>> model >> turn on USB Debugging for that model >> Next >> Active >> Accept USB Debugging Connection >> OK >> Click Successfully Activated. Step4: Return to Me in the Octopus mobile app by pressing Home. When the notification “Advanced Mode is Enabled” appears. Step5: In Android Mode, connect the phone to the gamepad. It is connected when the gamepad name appears in Octopus. Step6: Open the Octopus app on your phone and launch the game you want to play. Continue pressing”+” once the first game displays on the app to add further games. Step7: Change Gamepad mode >> Start Play game when Octopus appears in the game. Step 8: Locate the fuzzy octopus icon on the left side of the screen and click it. And adjust the key positions to your preference, especially according to the directions below:

  • Key: Are the buttons on the handle -> press this button, and the app will set itself to that key.
  • D+pad: This is the key to move left and right, up and down.
  • The joystick is usually in the moving position.

Note: To use the Key combination, press the desired button + Joystick (for example, B + Joy). Normally, this is used to set up navigation keys. To change the keys on your keyboard and mouse, follow the steps outlined above.

What peripherals is Octopus compatible with?

As previously said, this Octopus key-mapper works with practically all generations and types of gamepads used to play mobile games today. The Octopus Gaming Engine also supports a wide range of applications and games. Simply tap”+” to add the game you want to mod keys whenever you want (up to 30 games at the same time). This program also works with a variety of keyboards and mice from companies like Corsair, Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, and even Xbox, PS, and IPEGA game consoles… Furthermore, there are numerous distinct modes for various game types, such as Advanced Shooting mode for FPS games and Smart Casting mode for MOBA games. You select the appropriate settings for more specialized support depending on the game you wish to tweak keys for. There are also other proposed key layouts available in the program, one for each game style. You can, however, “reset” everything to your liking if you want. Simply navigate to the Settings section and follow the prompts.

And there are some other cool extra features

It could be anything as simple as keeping track of each match. Because Octopus has a built-in Screen Recorder that records the screen with high-quality image standards and allows you to playback it whenever you want. Octopus also features a “cleaning fairy” function for the phone RAM to help keep everything tidy and gentle before the game arrives when there is too much memory on the phone, slowing down the game. Octopus can also sync. So, all you have to do now is download the app and use it. It can then be used without having to reinstall it on any phone.

MOD APK version of Octopus

MOD feature

Unlocked Pro

Why do you need to install Plugin?

The plugin allows Octopus to function with 64-bit or 32-bit games and connects you to Google Play.

How to install Octopus Plugin?

You can also try other applications like Poster Maker, AVG Cleaner, and Translate Box.

Download Octopus MOD APK for Android

In a nutshell, you must download Octopus if you want to play games on your phone with a gamepad. You may not need it right now, but I am confident you will in the future. Modifying gamepad keys is now extremely simple and quick. Isn’t it true that if the gamepad is comfy, the gaming experience will be fantastic?

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