Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Birdy Dog Studio

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Name Ocean Is Home: Survival Island
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Package com.birdydogstudio.oceanishome
Publisher Birdy Dog Studio
Category Games
Size 76M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Introduce about Ocean Is Home: Survival IslandYour only objective is to live!Same but differentYou get exhausted just from being stranded in a busy city with loud traffic and loft...
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Introduce about Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Your only objective is to live!

Same but different

You get exhausted just from being stranded in a busy city with loud traffic and lofty skyscrapers. Do you wish to get away from it all and find a quiet location to live a good life? Let me share with you a game that will fulfill your fantasy! The island survival games you’ve played are essentially the same as Ocean Is Home: Survival Island. The only aim is to complete everything, assist your character in surviving the severe weather, the island’s natural elements, and all the perils strewn about. You won’t, however, stop at the point of merely wandering around, discovering stuff, and wondering what to do each day. You can construct even more “sublime” structures in Ocean Is Home: Survival Island, including homes, bases, arsenals, and workshop facilities. You are free to create an automobile to get about the island or some cutting-edge guns to attack the hostile creatures there.


You’ve been stranded on a remote island for unknown reasons. When you discover you need to figure out how to survive in this environment, the game starts. You’ll need to gather materials, build housing, obtain food, and make all the essential equipment, vehicles, and weaponry. Being alive is everything in the end, no matter what you do. Playing allows you to travel anywhere and explore the enormous surroundings. You are welcome to gather the required tools and make them yourself. As your skill level rises, you’ll be able to make more sophisticated technology and even a variety of modes of transportation to get around the island.


What would you do first if this scenario actually occurred? We must gather resources, harvest wood, and quarry stone because these are all necessary steps, just as in the game. They are necessary to construct homes, fabricate useful objects, make simple weapons, and generate power. The house serves as a haven of safety, shade from the sun and rain, and a workspace. Hunting, self-defense, and fishing all include the usage of weapons. To find food, raise crops, farm, and store water, you need tools. The standard of living gradually rises. You are accustomed to the concept of residing here and possibly considering it your permanent residence. Your life motto progressively changes as a result of that notion, and you actively try to do more things to survive, adapt, live better, and collect everything on the isolated island. You begin to consider more difficult tasks like creating electricity, assembling an entire farm, or constructing a home with a focus on making equipment. Improve the manufacturing of specialist vehicles so that you can travel the island in comfort. You are busy making weapons, constructing a sizable base, and upgrading your home to be modern, cutting-edge, and stocked with food and energy in case anything deadly unexpectedly struck the island out of the blue.

Survival principles

Always remember this rule when playing: pay special attention to your character’s Life, Eating, Health, and Spirit stats. If any one of these four indications changes, you run the risk of dying. When you are directly harmed by a body (such as when you are attacked by an animal or fall from a moving vehicle), your Life stat drops. It will recover more quickly if there is greater help from natural medications, yet it can recover gradually over time. The character’s hunger and thirst are reflected in their Eating stat. And increasing one’s intake of food, liquids, and sleep is the only method to restore this statistic to health. The state of one’s health is a sign that can be impacted internally, as in the case of colds, poisoning, or tiredness brought on by the island’s severe weather. Rest, dietary supplements, and medication are the best ways to heal. The Spirit index, which measures the body’s capacity for optimism and renewal, comes last. The greatest strategy to boost this index when it falls is to rest and get some sleep.

Graphics and sound

In addition to stunning 3D graphics, this survival game also features vibrant colors. The players may become more upbeat just thinking about this, which will encourage them to begin the game with as much enthusiasm as possible. One of the key components that determines a simulation game’s level of excellence is the ability to move and manipulate characters. You’ll feel like you’re doing everything on your own in Ocean Is Home: Survival Island. First-person perspective, realistic and varied, up close and far away, dynamically adapts so you can examine your surroundings comfortably. With accurate physics simulation and adequate player interaction, the DIY process is vivid. You may be dragged from one thing to another by it. Deep sensations and emotions are also conveyed for the character, particularly while dealing with internal agony. At times like this, you can clearly see the character grimacing in agony and sense his or her loneliness. Another area of concern is sound. The wind whistling through the roofs, the handiwork of tools, the racing footsteps of wild creatures while being pursued, the choking sounds of an injured character, the sound of a character getting injured, and the occasional wave smashing are all sounds you might hear. It appears that this one game has all of life’s sounds.

MOD APK version of Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

MOD feature

No Limit to Coins
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Download Ocean Is Home: Survival Island APK & MOD for Android

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island has made its own unique choices to differentiate itself from other survival games and stand out. You don’t only live there; you also put a lot of effort into improving and modernizing everything, making you a true island lord. In real life, everything can be a little over the top, but an elite survival experience like this is fun to attempt.

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