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Name Nova Launcher
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Package com.teslacoilsw.launcher
Publisher Teslacoil Software
Category Apps
Version 7.0.57
Size 6M
Requires Android Android
MOD Features Prime Unlocked
 Introduce about Nova LauncherWhat is Nova Launcher?Humans' phones are gradually becoming more significant friends. It assists us in communicating, entertaining, and a var...
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Introduce about Nova Launcher

What is Nova Launcher?

Humans’ phones are gradually becoming more significant friends. It assists us in communicating, entertaining, and a variety of tasks at work. If you find the Android operating system’s default interface to be boring and tedious, Nova Launcher will let you make your phone more personal and stylish. TeslaCoil’s Nova Launcher is a customizable app. It functions similarly to the launcher on an Android phone, allowing you to adjust the style, themes, and placement of apps on the home screen. Although Android phone developers are constantly working to improve the look of the operating system, you must remember that design is a personal thing. Users that are dissatisfied with a single interface and layout turn to apps like Nova Launcher, which allow them to customize their Android phones. You may try out Nova Launcher Prime here if you’re interested!

Some outstanding features of Nova Launcher

Changing your theme allows you to give your phone a whole different look. There are hundreds of different themes to pick from, such as Universe, Christmas, Cat, Animal, Love, Superhero, and so on. Not only do themes change the wallpaper, but they also modify the layout, color, and program icons to match a common style, or the style you pick. Don’t be afraid to look for an appropriate theme. Aside from the theme, the app icons play a vital role in displaying your personal style. The app icon shop in Nova Launcher has thousands of different icons. It is updated on a daily basis to stay up with new applications that emerge. Every day, Google Play receives thousands of new app submissions. You can choose icons that go with your phone’s overall theme. You can also change the icon of each application if you’re picky. When it comes to Nova Launcher, night mode is usually a feature that many people look for. Because we are all incredibly occupied with our work during the day. We can have fun with our mobile phones at night by watching movies, reading the news, and communicating with pals on social media. As a result, the phone’s night mode softens the phone’s light, allowing us to protect our eyes. Nova Launcher can be programmed to go into night mode automatically at a specific time (7 or 8 p.m.). Furthermore, dark mode is a battery-saving mode that reduces the brightness of your Android device. Bright colors have also been reduced to keep your eyes from becoming weary when using the device. Do you have an excessive number of apps on your screen? The app drawer in Nova Launcher allows you to categorize and organize your apps. Depending on your preferences, the drawer also features a variety of vertical and horizontal zoom and zoom effects. Nova Launcher shows a grid on the screen, making it simple to drag and drop programs into the proper location and avoiding uneven rows and columns. Nova Launcher creates a cloud capability for backing up data to assist users effortlessly sync the layout and theme of their phone while switching to a new phone. To sync data to your new phone, simply log in.

How to use Nova Launcher?

You must opt to help Android phones prefer Nova Launcher instead of the original launcher after opening the app on the home screen. After then, you can use it just like any other phone.

Does Nova Launcher make your phone slower?

Most likely not. However, this can occur if your Android phone is too old and has a faulty setting. I have a Xiaomi Note 8 Pro, and there isn’t much of a difference between Nova Launcher and Xiaomi’s default launcher in my opinion. This software will work well on any phone with a medium amount of RAM and a medium-speed processor.

You can also try other applications like iFunny X, VideoShow, and Groovepad.

MOD APK version of Nova Launcher

MOD feature

  • Unlocking the Prime feature
  • Optimized
  • Permissions and Services that have been disabled
  • Crashlytics/Disabled Analytics

Does Nova Launcher MOD APK safe for Android phones?

Totally risk-free. It’s still the native app, but with a few changes to make it easier to use the app’s paid services. Some features have been deactivated to improve the app’s performance.

Download Nova Launcher MOD APK for Android

Nova Launcher provides a lot of tools to explore and modify the look of your Android phone in addition to the ones listed above. When the application is in the desired place, you will feel more at ease. You can use paid features using the MOD APK version. Please use the link below to get this app.

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