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Introduce about NorthgardPeople who enjoy playing the strategy game Fog of War enjoy taking over new territories, engaging in surprise conflict, and gradually expanding their empires. No nat...
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Introduce about Northgard

People who enjoy playing the strategy game Fog of War enjoy taking over new territories, engaging in surprise conflict, and gradually expanding their empires. No nation has such passion stronger than the magnificent Vikings, which is indeed the truth. Maybe for the same reason, Playdigious combined these two components in their wildly popular strategy game Northgard. The game is interesting and dramatic, not as serene as its name suggests. Combat is engaging, you may travel a wide region, build the communities over time, and light up the place in the fog.


The words shown on the game’s initial black screen “This is my narrative; I’m Rig, the son of the High King Hargurorf. It all started on a fateful day “indicating a gloomy event Exactly like a hunch, too. Through a system known as the League of Tribes, Viking tribes in the frigid North coexisted peacefully and were divided into power groups and provinces. However, the alliance is now dissolved when Hagen, a traitor from the Clan of the Raven, assassinates all of the Viking High Kings, taking the horn and Regal Horn—the ultimate symbol of the entire tribe—as well as the map of Northgard, which the chiefs had just acquired and were discussing as they plotted a strategy to conquer the new territory. As Rig, the renowned High King’s son, you take control of the game. He would have been proclaimed king and would have inherited his Father’s kingdom if it weren’t for this. Rig had to pretend to be dead during the carnage in order to conceal his true identity. He also had to find a method to flee and take back the other priceless prison from Hagen. Rig gathers the surviving faithful Viking warriors who are in the same predicament, sets sail, finds the place marked on the lost map, settles there, builds a new life, and then exacts revenge on the rebels by recovering the lost property. The survivors finally arrived in Northgard, where they could boldly start a new voyage. But the real conflict has just started. The beginning of everything will take place in this vast, deserted territory. How will you guide the populace and deal with the region’s harsh environment and wild animals? Not to mention that Hagen and the horde would arrive at any time now that they had the map. Is that conflict going to be won or lost?

Many clan systems

The system of clans and the abilities of each group of individuals in Northgard are two features that really appeal to people. On the island, there are a total of 12 tribes: Eikthyrnir, Heidrun, Fenrir, Huginn, Muninn, Bjarki, Slidrugtanni, Svafnir, Nidhogg, Svadilfari, Lyngbakr, Himminbrjotir, Brundr, and Kaelinn. Different advantages and disadvantages for surviving will apply to different races. Like the Bear Tribe, which can use Gram swords to freeze foes, the Bison Tribe, which has an incredibly high and quick defense, the Horse Tribe, which helps increase health, attack power, defense, mining, and speed smithing, and the Wild Boar Tribe, which has the ability to see into secret forests and call forth enormous Wild Boars to battle, The process for development is as follows: after your clan owns a tiny plot of land, you will direct the members to start both big and little enterprises there. While doing so, you will gather resources to keep the autonomous area growing. The key to achieving sustainable development is to patiently and incrementally build everything from common dwellings, tents for every family, through specialized areas like smithies, watchtowers, barracks, marinas, workshops, weapons manufacturers, and temples.

Find out, build everything, but still not all

You must fight continually in addition to creating and growing the region. because there are other people that live on this island besides you. In this area, there are also wild animals and creatures that are waiting for a chance to attack the group’s members. Other little tribes that are also looking for a place to reside like you are attacking as well. And they will defy all odds and battle to the bitter end in order to protect their existence and preserve their distinctiveness. If you don’t want to be wiped out from this wealthy island, all you have to do is be stronger than them and win. You must develop into a strong, highly developed clan with a sizable army and proficient fighting in order to do this. Therefore, don’t forget to create military training facilities and weapons factories in parallel with the fundamental construction process so that a variety of combat weapons can be produced for various army subgroups. Train generals and troops in infantry, archers, and horsemen squads continuously so they are prepared to engage in combat at any time. Don’t forget to train your crew to be Scouting specialists. You can get information from them about rival clans and island adversaries. They will also assist you in discovering new, worthwhile places to explore and will help soldiers identify adversaries more quickly so that they can react in time due to their wider eyesight than the normal person. Keep in mind that as you travel farther inside the island, you will find more resources, but you will also encounter more enemies. There are locations where enormous legendary monsters supported by evil forces exist. As a result, as the game goes on, you must continually construct the best, most effective, and diverse army you can.

When is it considered a victory?

There are numerous strategies for defeating the various island clans. You have the option to: Depending on the circumstance and the advantages of your clan and your opponent:

  • Destroy the Town Hall, which serves as the clans’ main construction hub.
  • Take control of all the enemy clan’s lands
  • Having over 12 out of 14 regions on the map, kings’ temples, and 1200 iconic buildings adds up to overwhelming economic strength.
  • Receive four divine benefits while mining
  • Use your mercantile might to subdue rival marketplaces, and you’ll take control of all 2,000 trade clusters and lighthouses.
  • The final option is to employ one of three unique techniques: seize the Odin’s Sword, locate the Yggdrasil tree, or seize the Helheim Gate.

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Download Northgard APK free for Android

The game’s graphics are crisp, clear, and extremely detailed, while the soundtrack is a lovely melody. All of this, however, is really a front for a fascinating, hourly conflict that never stops intensifying. You can already tell how much effort and complexity went into this struggle between might and knowledge by reading the above. Play Northgard right away if you enjoy playing strategy games. Even after a week of play, there is still too much to do to win this game. Come ahead, play this fantastic game with me.

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