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Nobodies: After Death


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Name Nobodies: After Death
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Package com.blyts.nobodiesafterdeath
Publisher Blyts
Category Adventure
Version 1.0.133
Size 87M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Nobodies: After DeathDiscover your skill at destroying murderous evidence!A strange idea sounds scaryNot everyone enjoys playing casual games. Additionally, not ev...
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Introduce about Nobodies: After Death

Discover your skill at destroying murderous evidence!

A strange idea sounds scary

Not everyone enjoys playing casual games. Additionally, not everyone plays tactical battle action games. The universe of the games is just as varied and colorful as the actual world. Characters from different walks of life—heroes, antagonists, criminals, and citizens—can take the lead roles in the game. Even a character who practices a decidedly unhuman profession: expert evidence disposal Nobodies: The plot of After Death centers on a character who is an expert at clearing up the evidence of gruesome killings. You are always contacted first when a murder occurs since you are a subject matter expert who is respected by the covert organization. You can be found anywhere there are murderous organization operatives. Of course, the goal is to remove everything so that neither the police nor the forensics team can find a single hair, speck of blood, fingerprint, or particle of dust.

Meticulousness and tactical mind are the weapons of the player

If you’ve seen any crime films involving complex killings, you’ll likely concur with me when I say that the murderers who managed to elude police, forensics, and prosecutors all shared one thing in common: they were very intelligent, sophisticated, and careful. To begin the game here, you also need to possess such characteristics. When you spot a crime, you don’t always have to run and cause a commotion. Put yourself in the position of the victim, the murderer, and the police investigator as you meticulously investigate the scene and search every crevice for clues. Every move needs to be carefully thought out. Nobodies: After Death’s main experience is a simulation, which creates challenging circumstances and compels you to make decisions. The ultimate objective is to finish the task given to you: clean up everything, get rid of any traces or evidence that could help identify the murderer and you, the cleaner.

Concealing a crime is not an easy job

Nobody: The story of After Death continues. You can visit graphic crime scenes here. And no matter how cautious you are, you will overlook a crucial hint. You must therefore create an alibi for the offender as the game’s following step. In the event that the incident is eventually uncovered, your boss is prepared to easily obtain release thanks to the strong alibi. Your participation in this covert group acts as a protective barrier. The assassinations carried out by its members are promised to be flawlessly safe without any holes. And in other circumstances, if a team member in the organization betrays them, the superiors won’t think twice about giving you the assignment to kill them. In the game, numerous situations arise. You are frequently left in a pretty passive situation and struggle to make the best decision. However, you should always keep in mind your primary responsibilities and professional function. You will then be aware of what to do.


Nobodies: After Death’s controls are essentially point and click. Kids shouldn’t play point-and-click games, of course. With several brutal and violent graphics, the game is pretty intense. Simulated events can potentially be unpredictable. It is advised against letting kids play. You will rely on your mental representation of the area in front of you, the events, nearby objects, and crucial situations throughout the game. Next, use your strategic thinking and thorough thinking to thoroughly clean up everything, starting with the biggest items and working your way down to the smallest, with evidence that is visible and evidence that is hidden, with specific items (like weapons) and details that could indirectly implicate the offender (like a tire track, or a shoe mark on the floor). It’s interesting that there are numerous methods to handle each scenario that arises. You can try a new approach to find a different solution to the quest the next time you play. Nobody: More than 100 homicide instances are presented in After Death. All of them are entirely hand-drawn, immersing players in the rich world of crime scenes and allowing them to touch, interact with, and modify any object in the image.

Graphics and sound

They seem to me to be pretty straightforward. There are only a few elements in the image, primarily a zoom into the graphic murder scene. When you interact with the environment’s objects, the sound also only has a few basic effects. What matters is the excitement you get as you help to cover up the crime. The feeling I want to discuss in this game is that of doing evil, which has never been so exciting. Work on Nobodies: Murder Cleaner further.

MOD APK version of Nobodies: After Death

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • No Ads
  • Unrestricted funds
  • No Ads
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    It is OK to refer to Nobodies: After Death as a simulation game or a puzzle adventure game. It makes no difference what kind. The best thing you can do while starting this game’s first level is to pay as much attention as you can slowly and silently. The likelihood of catching the murderer over the internet increases with increased caution, thoroughness, understanding, and comprehension of the issue.

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