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Ninja’s Creed

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Name Ninja’s Creed
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Publisher 707 Interactive: Fun Epic Casual Games
Category Games
Version 4.0.2
Size 150M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Energy, Free Ads, No Recoil
Introduce about Ninja’s CreedPlotIn Ninja's Creed, a teenage ninja describes his quest to take down mafia gangs. The gangster appears to be in charge of the city where the nin...
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Introduce about Ninja’s Creed


In Ninja’s Creed, a teenage ninja describes his quest to take down mafia gangs. The gangster appears to be in charge of the city where the ninja resides. The result is a reversed social order where people are continually oppressed and live in dread since the law cannot be upheld. One of the innocent people killed was the ninja’s family. In order to restore peace to the city, he made the decision to exact vengeance while also overthrowing this entire evil power.


When I initially played Ninja’s Creed, I thought the gameplay was pretty similar to Sniper 3D, but with a more meticulous attention paid to the context and the narrative. More specifically, when you complete a mission, you will be brought to a specified place with the instruction to kill the character that the system has given you. You will be rewarded for each assignment you accomplish with money, achievements, and level-up experience points. There are a few points worth highlighting, though. It is first and foremost a system suggestion. It’s merely a single line of text describing the enemy you must eliminate, such as a man carrying a suitcase, a man wearing red, or a person rushing. You could find this overview to be perplexing if the place is crowded with people. If you kill the wrong person, you will be captured by them, and the operation will be unsuccessful. So pay special attention and search for the right target. Second, the challenges keep getting more harder. Occasionally, the system will send you a mission that requires you to eliminate the target within 30 seconds or face further challenges on the terrain. To benefit from those circumstances at that time, you must have good aim, and you must also pick an appropriate weapon. Splitting the chain that hangs the container or iron box to cause a “unintended” mishap is also a terrific suggestion. Turning off the light can help you lose track of your target’s direction.

Use some skills of Ninja

In fact, if you unintentionally aim at the wrong target, you only have a brief window of opportunity to keep destroying it. He would continuously conceal behind the other bodyguards, though, as a precaution. If the adversary is too far away and you need greater eyesight, you can utilize Eagle-Eyes or another powerful weapon to kill them all. The single talent in this game is Eagle-Eyes. By giving him a red outline, it makes him easier to target. You shouldn’t go overboard, though, as that will ruin the thrill of being a ninja who kills people in the dark.

Upgrade weapons

Upgrade your weaponry as an alternative if you prefer not to use the Eagle-Eyes’ assistance. Although it is expensive, this process gives you a number of benefits including increased reload speed, attack speed, range, or damage. You can attack more quickly and take down many targets with a single arrow if you use a more potent weapon. Currently, there are three distinct weapons in Ninja’s Creed that ninjas frequently employ. These include Twin Crossbow, Bow, and Hidden Weapon. Each has unique qualities. For instance, the Hidden Weapon has an arrow with a curved route that can kill numerous targets in a horizontal direction. Additionally, Bow moves in a straight line while concentrating only on one target. You can select the ideal weapon based on the difficulty of the map and the environment.

Unlock abilities

In contrast to Sniper 3D, Ninja’s Creed carefully considered the upgrading system and character skills. There are 12 different categories of abilities that you can open up. They will grant you advantages throughout the mission, such as the capacity for Hidden Weapon, Twin Crossbow, nighttime camouflage, swift enemy detection (Eagle-Eyes), etc.


The best part of Ninja’s Creed is the variety of modes. The game’s creator hopes that players would unwind more while still enjoying the excitement the game offers. They added a few new game types, including Daily Task, Armed Conflicts, Bounty Hunter, and Hunting List. Of which, Bounty Hunter offers the most bonuses and Hunting List comprises the toughest difficulties.

MOD APK version of Ninja’s Creed

MOD features

  • Unending Energy
  • No Rebound
  • Free Ads
  • Unending Energy
  • No Rebound
  • Free Ads

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Download Ninja’s Creed MOD APK for Android

Although Ninja’s Creed is regarded as a remake of Sniper 3D, it has a completely new design, more comprehensive material, an expanded plot with cut sequences, and a variety of game modes. Play as a ninja in this game to exact revenge on his family and take out the city’s thugs.

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