Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction

Vewo Interactive Inc.

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Name Nexomon: Extinction
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Package com.vewointeractive.nexomon.extinction
Publisher Vewo Interactive Inc.
Category Games
Version 1.1.7
Size 1G
Requires Android 8.0
MOD Features Unlocked Full Version
Introduce about Nexomon: ExtinctionTo save the world, control monsters, battle, and eliminate Tyrants!Similar to Pokemon, but great in a different way...
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Introduce about Nexomon: Extinction

To save the world, control monsters, battle, and eliminate Tyrants!

Similar to Pokemon, but great in a different way

Nexomon: Extinction is an update to the original Nexomon game, a peculiar variation of Pokemon. Similar gameplay involves gathering and training a horde of strong monsters. But the enormous and complex world of fantasy, filled with innumerable species of bizarre monsters, will keep you engrossed every day. There are various Pokemon species in the game series. There are monsters called Nexomon, and Extinction contains one of them. You can meet and collect more than 380 different Nexomon species by participating in the game. Each one has a unique look, shape, color, personality, and repertoire of movements. Your task is to get to know each one of them, to tame and train them, and to comprehend their individual personalities and skills. Become a formidable Nexomon master at last.  


The earth gets engulfed in a sea of “natural calamities” at some point in human history. The scheme of the Tyrant Nexomon lies behind the impending doom. In order to rule both humans and the Nexomon species, he wants to upend the existing order and flip everything upside down. You and the tamer group will join together and make a commitment to stop that plot from happening. The quest to gather strength and defeat the Nexomon group of monsters gets under way. You will eventually create a very powerful Nexomon army with your intellect, talent, and intelligence, one that is even more powerful than it was before it was tamed thanks to the process of training and fully utilizing its skills. The wicked will be vanquished one day soon against the army of unstoppable monsters and the brave friends united.


The monsters are referred to as Nexomon, as stated. They are separated into 9 different elemental categories. Each element has unique fighting and defending qualities. You should devote roughly 15-20 minutes to mastering these principles in accordance with the game’s detailed instructions, just like while playing Pokemon. Each monster has unique advantages and disadvantages. You will understand the true powers of the monsters and strengthen the weak areas before it becomes your vital point on the battlefield when combined with the elements to which the monsters belong. You first pick a persona that will eventually become a genuine Tamer. But rest confident that whoever you choose will have a brave heart and a lot of passion because these youngsters are all from orphanages. The thrilling experience will then start when you come across the first monster. The % success rate of each species is the foundation for taming. You can strike the creature and make it lose blood by using the Nexotrap gear or your capture skill. Alternately, you can approach a Nexomon carefully and tempt it with food or even conversation. How can I draw in animals? As a general rule, once a Nexomon: Extinction has been tamed by the team, they automatically possess all of the species’ natural skills. You engage in combat once you have a horde of dangerous monsters. Nexomon: Extinction’s battle format is turn-based, and each tamer is allowed to bring up to 6 monsters to a fight. On Earth, battles take occur anywhere from the scorching desert to the cold arctic regions. Each location will be suitable for specific animals given its topography and climate. Your first assignment is complete, and now the secret to success is picking a monster that complements both the game’s setting and the sort of adversary. The Nexomon will learn a lot through training and conflict, hone their fighting techniques, and accumulate experience points to develop into more powerful systems. You will play and discover for yourself the similarities and differences between the monster systems, just as with Pokemon. Make better decisions after that. Along with hunting down and taming monsters, joining a Tamer Guild will allow you to team up with other players and get an advantage in battle.

MOD APK version of Nexomon: Extinction

MOD feature

Accessible Full Version

How to install Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK

  • Install Nexomon: Extinction first by going to Google Play.
  • Cancel the installation once it has begun (running 1% or more).
  • Set up the MOD variation.

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Download Nexomon: Extinction APK & MOD for Android

The game is purely in the Pokemon style, but it includes a unique plot with numerous loose ends. The animal army is too exceptional in terms of both appearance and capabilities. The side quest system is just too alluring. The characters have a quick but lovely conversation that contains plenty of humorous moments. Playing Nexomon: Extinction has various benefits. But first, download the game by clicking on this link.

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