Nexomon: Epic monster capture adventure

Nexomon: Epic monster capture adventure

Vewo Interactive Inc

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Name Nexomon: Epic monster capture adventure
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Package com.limeturtle.nexomon
Publisher Vewo Interactive Inc
Category Games
Version 3.0.1
Size 68M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
PlotNexomon's world is a peaceful place to live. Omnicron the monster descended out of ...
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Nexomon’s world is a peaceful place to live. Omnicron the monster descended out of the heavens. He represents himself as Nexomon’s King Omnicron. He desires to conquer the wide territory and exterminate all inhabitants. To assault people, Omnicron transports thousands of bizarre monsters. As a shrill screech from heaven and earth echoed, the conflict between people and strange animals was declared to have begun. After some time, though, humanity discovered ways to tame these animals, making them close pals. In the fight against the Omnicron, Nexomons are also aiding humanity. They were able to defeat the Omnicron with the aid of Nexomon. It is no longer there. Nexomons and humans coexist peacefully for all time.

Seek Nexomon

You have now become one of the characters in Nexomon as a result of entering the game. You can pick from seven characters in this game. You are free to travel about the vibrant, unrestricted world of Nexomon in search of and against these odd beings. They can be hiding behind bluffs, in the shrubs, or in the woods. The rarest and most potent Nexomon, if you’re fortunate, can be found. To move more conveniently, you can hire vehicles. Certainly, if you have medical issues. Instead of the original Pokemon, nexomon are monsters that resemble Pokemon. Don’t be discouraged, though, as this game contains several intriguing elements that might surprise you. You will need to determine each Nexomon’s power given that there are more than 300 new types of monsters. Each one has a unique set of powers and a unique special ability. They have the ability to discharge superpower, fire, water, wind, and thunder. What kind of power do you desire? Additionally, you can increase the strength of Nexomons by donning potent tools.

Funny activities

The game’s primary objectives are Nexomon recruitment, training, and advancement. Take your animals to the Nexomon fighting system to compete against other Nexomons after you have enough strength. You gain a lot of experience to level up throughout matches. Particularly, Nexomons also go through various stages of evolution similar to Pokemon. Your Nexomons’ power will increase with their level. Nexomons can be combined into a squad by players to generate unstoppable strength. This is a really tactical game. To defeat your opponent in turn-based gameplay, you must compute Nexomons. Every talent needs to be carefully designed. If your opponents are stronger than you but you have the appropriate strategy, you can still win. AI and online PvP are two very alluring modes in which you can demonstrate your pet training abilities. Tell them who the game’s Nexomons master is.

Unique graphics

The publisher of Nexomon created graphics that are remarkably reminiscent to the popular Pokemon video games. Even though Nexomon uses 2D graphics, it faithfully reproduces every aspect of the game. The game’s weather effects are also quite varied. Over time, the weather may become sunny, cloudy, wet, snowy,… This game is cleverly made, ideal for mobile platforms, and simple to play. Additionally, Nexomon has a terrific sound that features upbeat music. You can also try other applications like Vector, Nextgen: Truck Simulator, and Nexomon: Epic monster capture adventure.


This game is often really engaging. Despite the fact that this is not the original game, I can scarcely think of any problems with it for Pokemon lovers. The game is easy to play, entertaining, and full of surprises. You can download and play the game for nothing at all. However, you must pay $0.99 to unlock additional functions if you wish to use them.

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