Need for Speed™ No Limits

Need for Speed™ No Limits

Electronic Arts

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Name Need for Speed™ No Limits
Updated On
Publisher Electronic Arts
Category Racing
Version 5.9.2
Size 92M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
MOD Features No
Introduce about Need for Speed No LimitsBeautiful, sleek, and one-of-a-kind fast racing game...
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Introduce about Need for Speed No Limits

Beautiful, sleek, and one-of-a-kind fast racing game

Easy to play

The gameplay of Need for Speed No Limits is also pretty simple, not unlike to other speed racing games. Swipe left and right to manoeuvre, up to engage Nitro, and down to drag the vehicle drift or slow down. If you’ve played a lot of games in the similar genre, you’re probably not used to this layout structure and control style. Combining actions like this, in my view, is the most effective and simple approach to play racing. The fact that the screen does not display an excessive number of control buttons elevates Need for Speed No Limits to a higher level in terms of layout: sleek, fluid, clear vision, and a display of all the images’ beauty.

Blueprint, the soul of every upgrade

Need for Speed No Limits includes a variety of game modes to keep the game interesting in a variety of ways. Campaign Mode includes task categories such as timed racing, standard racing, and challenge… It is separated into several Chapters in each form. The prizes vary by category, but the majority will be in-game money, Blueprints, and Fuel Gauge fuel. You will progressively improve the components, qualities of the vehicle, and even obtain new cars as a result of these awards in order to be ready for the next race.

In that regard, more must be said about the Blueprint. This is a new automobile blueprint, and it also makes a major impact, which will add a lot of excitement to the game. When I play other racing games, I usually just improve the vehicle, personalise it, and then start again with a new car when I have enough points or golds. But if things don’t go as planned, you’ll have a difficult time obtaining Blueprint. And after you’ve obtained it, you’ll be ecstatic. Because Blueprint is not only the key to bringing new racing vehicles, but it also allows you to personally choose and upgrade equipment for your supercar.

Fuel and spare parts

When racing in this game, you will use a lot of gasoline. Fuel status may be seen in the top right-hand area of the screen. If you run out of gasoline, you will have to wait for a bit or pay instantly to restart the race. The issue of fuel must not only be recognised, but also constantly upgraded. Because advancements will eventually result in automobiles that are both more fuel-efficient and quicker.

On the track, you’ll come across vehicle component “pieces” in the shape of surprise gift boxes on occasion. Spare components are also available after completing the race and levelling up. Each time, you will be given 2-4 pieces to assemble and enhance for the automobile.

The appearance of the automobile is very stunning. You can easily customise the car with a variety of detailed types of equipment. From changing the colour of your car to adding accessories, wheels, and stickers… Another interesting point from previous games is that the way the car is customised will differ depending on the level; the more levels you get, the more things you can change.

Graphics and sound, the soul of a quality racing game

To discuss the differences between Need for Speed No Limits, we must first discuss sights and sound. A racing game without these two elements is a shambles. This time, Need for Speed No Limits has done an excellent job of luring gamers. Intense gaming show with a wide range of high-quality visuals and special effects. To create appealing huge 3D scenarios, the appearance phases of the gleaming supercars, artistically ornamented streets with shadow effects, complicated lighting effects, and anti-tear effects are also incorporated.

This game’s automobiles are all supercars. Beautiful on the interior and exterior, and packed with racing industry heavyweights like the pathetic Hoonigan and the clever and powerful Toyota GT86… The automobile customization section is a lot of fun since it allows the manufacturer to show off their 3D simulation design talents. No matter how tough it is to nod in contentment, anybody who participates in racing.

The audio is more convincing than the video. Exciting, appealing background music, the car’s roaring sound, and the sound of Nitro activating acceleration will make you “wow” and remain seated. The thrill lasts from the start until the finish of the event. If I were to rank the racing game with the greatest sound, Need for SpeedTM No Limits would be in the top five.

Pro and cons

The conflicts in Need for Speed No Limits are many and diverse, yet they are brief. Many individuals find it rather easy at times, causing the game to become fragmented. However, for those of you who like fast-paced games and don’t mind putting in a lot of time and work, this game is a terrific pick.

Most Need for Speed No Limits has no particular plot. Only a few opening sentences establish you as a genuine criminal persona exploring the underground, and then the races begin. When I play racing games, I don’t require much of a narrative; what matters to me is the racing experience. And the experience is incredible with Need for Speed No Limits.


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Fast racing, short playtime, nice controls, a sensible layout, great images, and real sound Furthermore, the mechanics of upgrading vehicles and progressing up in this game vary from those in many other games I’ve played. Everyone will have various praises and critiques, but this is the only racing game I’ve played thus far.

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