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My Talking Tom 2

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Name My Talking Tom 2
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Package com.outfit7.mytalkingtom2
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Category Casual
Size 117M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About My Talking Tom 2The best virtual pet game has returned with an updated version that is more entertaining, engaging, and feature-rich while maintaining its distinctive traits. Would you...
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About My Talking Tom 2

The best virtual pet game has returned with an updated version that is more entertaining, engaging, and feature-rich while maintaining its distinctive traits. Would you like a lovely cat that can mimic human speech? Utilize the links in the article’s footer to download this game on your phone.

Tom is a gourmet cat

Tom is a unique kitty who need your attention. You will take on the role of Tom’s “parent” in My Talking Tom 2 and provide for his needs. How? It is incredibly easy. Tom needs to eat, rest, play, and be petted because he is a cat. Eating is the first. To move Tom to the kitchen and a table, click the “Knife and fork” icon at the bottom of the screen. Tom’s mouth is quite large, so he can eat anything. Choose the items you want, then drag and drop them into Tom’s mouth. Giving Tom a range of things, such as fruits, soda, milk, cakes, meat, etc., will help you balance his nutrition. You must purchase food from the shop after utilizing the food in the refrigerator for a while. Tom won’t feel hungry because of the healthier options, but they are also more expensive. For instance, three carrots would cost less than the price of a pastry.

Keep Tom clean

The timer for Tom’s cleanliness will start to run down after some time of play. At that point, you must take Tom to the bathroom by clicking the bathroom button. Don’t forget to take Tom to the bathroom frequently as well; else, he will feel very uncomfortable. Tom will close the door and finish the task once you take him to the restroom. The game illustrates this by making amusing “noises.” By attempting to open the toilet door, you can “breach” Tom’s privacy if you so choose. There are many different kinds of bath soaps available for Tom, unlike My Talking Tom. Use it as frequently as you’d like. It’s entertaining to watch Tom become caught in the soap bubble.


The main change between My Talking Tom 2 and previous versions is the healing function. No one is healthy forever, and Tom will eventually become ill (called booboo). Be at ease! Choose the sort of medicine for cuts and scrapes by clicking on the medical cabinet. There are no cure instructions, but you can experiment because there are multiple ways to treat each bugaboo. Tom needs to get some sleep before you finish the game. If not, you may occasionally want to play with Tom but find yourself having to wait for him to fall asleep because he is too weary. You can use diamonds to rapidly purchase a vial of medicine for 100% health instead of sleeping. Tom will sleep till his health meter reaches 100 percent if you help him get to sleep and turn out the lights.

Playing with Tom

Tom is a cat who moves a lot. He won’t get tired of playing throughout the day. Tom can be hit or you can hug him by touching his stomach. Playing My Talking Tom 2’s minigame is the quickest method to cheer Tom up. This is another approach to generate a lot of useful coins. You may play a ton of enjoyable minigames in the game. There are many other games, including 2048 and racing games. You need to play minigames and save for a while in order to earn a lot of money in the game. You can download the My Talking Tom 2 MOD Money version, which offers you a lot of money so you can easily buy whatever you want, including clothing and décor.


Tom can go places. Did you mishear? You didn’t, that is. Tom will be given a plane ticket to anywhere he wants to go at the end of each level. There you can purchase Tom’s dinnerware, accessories, or clothing. The best part of My Talking Tom 2 for the player is shopping for unusual clothing and dressing Tom in them. Each is appropriate for a certain theme, although you can combine several themes into one set. Would you want to purchase an extraterrestrial costume or royal attire? Additionally, you can customize Tom’s living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Graphics and sound

The game’s graphics aren’t all that different from the previous iteration. The game features vivid colors and excellent 3D visuals. Tom is still adorable and entertaining in the same way as before. The imitation of a human voice is a key component of My Talking Tom. While playing My Talking Tom 2, Tom can mock every word you utter in a high-pitched voice.

MOD APK version of My Talking Tom 2

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

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Download My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK for Android

You may add a humorous friend to your phone by downloading My Talking Tom 2. Hundreds of millions of players, including many kids, consider Tom to be a close friend. This game for your phone is essential if you enjoy pets.

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