My Talking Angela 2

My Talking Angela 2

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Name My Talking Angela 2
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Package com.outfit7.mytalkingangela2
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Category Casual
Size 142M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about My Talking Angela 2A pet game that's a ton of funA must-have in a girl's game collectionI was determined to make a games folder on my iPad for my five-year-old dau...
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Introduce about My Talking Angela 2

A pet game that’s a ton of fun

A must-have in a girl’s game collection

I was determined to make a games folder on my iPad for my five-year-old daughter’s birthday, so I put the entire device in a sizable present box and gave it to her. “Remember to play together,” read the sign. Everyone in this top-secret section is doubtless wondering: What games have I downloaded that a 5-year-old can play and are appropriate for the whole family to enjoy together? The game I want to introduce today is only one of those numerous games. My Talking Angela 2 is also the most popular virtual pet game available right now.

Gameplay with lots of excitement

From Outfit7 Limited comes the casual game My Talking Angela 2. It must be acknowledged that the company has greatly advanced with this game because the gameplay seamlessly integrates arcade games, virtual pets, fashion, culinary, and music. The line separating a virtual animal from a life simulation game is essentially nonexistent. You’ll find that Angela, the cat who serves as the game’s protagonist, experiences a life that is more vivid and colorful than ever. Angela, the adorable cat in the novel, possesses many delicate moves, attitudes, and sounds to convey all of the feelings at any given time, despite the fact that she is unable to talk. I compare Angela’s dialogue and interactions in the game to the process of parenting a young child rather than a pet. It is very realistic and energetic.

Looking after Angela like a baby

Even the tiniest tasks, like waking up, stretching, taking a bath in the tub, using the restroom, brushing one’s teeth, cleaning one’s face, and exercising, have become routine. The most fundamental source of joy for the player of this virtual pet game is watching the adorable critter they are taking care of change with each interactive task. For instance, after just a few seconds of washing, Angela has transformed from a white cat with a pale face when she wakes up to something lovely and scented. You may also cry while watching Angela eat her favorite food and lick her lips at how good it is. Mixed emotions and having pets as children are the kinds of feelings that are difficult to find in other simulation game series.

Indispensable fashion for every girl

In My Talking Angela2, the virtual animal universe is expanded. This time, you can freely choose your outfit and work with Angela to get ready to go out. You can try out a range of new fashion trends at every chance, whether it’s at home or out on the town. Interestingly, wearing lovely things makes Angela happier, much like when someone chooses what to wear in real life. With each costume, her mood and emotion stats will likewise rise and fall, so be as appropriate and elegant as you can. Pants, skirts, tops, accessories, shoes, and the appropriate haircut can all be mixed and matched. Anyone with an artistic bone in their body or girls playing this game will undoubtedly find love. Stunning makeup It is impossible to overlook the cosmetics stage for Angela’s beauty after getting dressed. The cat in this game genuinely enjoys being more attractive. So let’s make Angela more attractive by assisting her in choosing a gorgeous cosmetics look, a dress that complements it, and ultimately real hair that matches. In this game, Angela’s makeup is extremely intricate, thus applying it requires full mental focus. Makeup should be carefully chosen, applied to the exact spot on the face, and reapplied until finished. For instance, it usually requires many coats of mascara to achieve the appropriate curl, or several back-and-forth strokes of lipstick until the new shade becomes even and glossy. In all honesty, boys find this process a little intimidating, but girls find it to be a happy paradise. This game will undoubtedly be played by my young kid initially. It’s also really intriguing to read the first section, My Talking Angela. Or perhaps you want to meet My Talking Tom2, one of her closest buddies.

Angela also knows how to cook, enjoy music and dance

The adorable cat not only knows how to enjoy excellent food, dress beautifully, and accessorize with chic jewelry, but she also makes herself some delectable desserts, such fruit pies, sponge cakes, and lollipops. Your assistance is required at every stage of production, including selecting the fruit of your choice, giving it a thorough flavoring, cutting each dish, thoroughly mixing, placing the cake in the oven, turning the knob, and removing the cake and ornamental toppings. Like the emotional development of a true chef, Angela’s mood will improve every time a delicious cake is produced. Making cakes is a complex and fascinating procedure. After playing this game with Angela a few times, kids will definitely learn a lot. The day has been busy. Angela needs to unwind with some soothing music at home or in a comfortable bar. You can easily direct Angela to move her feet rhythmically and her body to relax on each musical note while listening to any song you desire and letting your spirit follow the music. What a lovely, romantic, and self-indulgent evening. going places with Angela By baking, singing, dancing, or dressing suitably, our Angela will be able to earn several plane tickets that will allow her to visit a variety of locations. You can buy, eat delectable food, wear lovely clothing, and earn towering mood points wherever you go. Additionally, Angela is always in for one or more exciting surprises on her travels.

Mini games

Angela enjoys a classy pastime. She enjoys playing puzzle games throughout the day, including Donut Spin and many more entertaining puzzles. Players can experience a range of fun activities while honing their reflexes and problem-solving abilities thanks to this game. Play a game while also picking up new talents.

MOD APK version of My Talking Angela 2

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

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Download My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK for Android

Even if life isn’t always easy, you may observe how happy it is by playing this life simulation pet game. It will make you appreciate life and others more if you follow Angela and take pleasure in every small pleasure in life, even from very commonplace things. Even more enjoyable is playing with your infant at home.

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