My Little Universe

My Little Universe

Saygames Ltd

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Name My Little Universe
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Publisher Saygames Ltd
Category Casual
Version 1.17.2
Size 157M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Resources
Introduce about My Little UniverseCreate a rich nation for God's sake!...
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Introduce about My Little Universe

Create a rich nation for God’s sake!


Because of an event, the planet you’re in charge of is no longer habitable. You boarded the airship in search of a new home. The spaceship arrived on a barren blue planet with just two trees. You merely have a primitive tool in your hand. Pick up a hoe, chop trees, gather wood, and begin developing your world.

The game is modest, the visual is basic, and the gameplay is simple, but the delight it offers is out of the ordinary.

Tools for building

Many things test you when you take on the burden of building the world from the beginning. You generally only have unusual crude instruments in your hands, such as pickaxes, axes, hammers, and so on.

But, fortunately, there are many valuable things on this new planet for you to exploit and freely create anything you want: on the land are trees for wood, underground are supplies of limitless stone, and in caverns are millions of tonnes of fossil metal. Each kind has a unique impact and is employed in a variety of applications.

There are 15 distinct sorts of materials in the game. Although resources and technologies are finite, effort and imagination are limitless. Make a plan, see the building direction in your brain, and then stick to it. Then, when required, make the necessary changes. On your own, you will progressively modify the form of the whole world. Many things have evolved from a lonely blue planet, such as neighbourhoods, trees, mountains, homes, residential areas, and towns… all of which are clearly structured, clean, and very attractive.

To construct a flawless world, you must accomplish everything properly, from the tiniest details to the most difficult tasks. Cut trees, gather wood, excavate stones, mine metal ores, create new tools, smelt metals, construct dwellings, processing zones, and residential clusters…

You will start a succession of enterprises, develop cities, and exploit unoccupied islands as you construct the globe. The investigation and development will not just take place in one location, but will eventually spread indefinitely.

Fight to protect the planet

There is growth where there is life. Wherever there is expansion, there is competition. You should always be busy creating and extending your home on the new planet, but you must also remember to safeguard your accomplishments. The adversary will emerge at some time and will continue to assault the magnificent structures you have just built. They are primordial creatures, and their goal is to destroy everything in order to halt your creative process.

The work will now be more demanding than ever before. It is no longer sufficient to construct and then marvel at the results. You will battle and often have to rotate your eyeballs around the world to keep your planet secure from any hostile assault.

Endless abundance

My Little Universe has eight distinct levels, each of which corresponds to the productivity and complexity of the building. All of these levels have one thing in common: resources are constantly limited. So the problem is to balance the resources and utilise them wisely and sensibly for each project so that you may continue to develop as many as you desire while the resources are not depleted.

My Little Universe also includes up to ten distinct situations in which every competent or inexperienced player may demonstrate their abilities. These settings vary not just in colour, but also in terms of resources and resource distribution, as well as the opponents or obstacles encountered along the journey. Each environment is a whole distinct experience. You should play this game; you will grow to love and be enthusiastic about it.

Above all, there is a sense of accomplishment while seeing the finished product. From a barren planet, it has become a place worth living in, with various hues and beautiful structures, thanks to countless tectonic efforts. Anyone who has played it knows that this delight may be compared to the sense of suddenly gaining a special skill or being the Creator of everything.

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