Apps My Hotel Romance

My Hotel Romance

App Name My Hotel Romance
Publisher Genius Inc
Genre Apps
Size 62.0MB
Latest Version 1.0.0
Update September 26, 2021

My Hotel Romance APK – Dating Simulation
There are so many available dating simulation games right on Google Play Store. You can play games like My Candy Love, Obey Me, Twilight Crusade, Steal My Heart, Soul of Yokai, Midnight Cinderella, and many more.

There are tons of fun dating simulation games that will let you choose the man for you and enjoy so many fun occurrences. But more than the usual ones, My Hotel Romance offers a fun new take on romance you’ve never played before.

Instead of the cliché story of meeting at the school, here, you’ll work as a hotelier at your father’s hotel. After your father gets sick, you’re forced to care for the family business and work as a hotel manager.

But to take on this position, your father mandates you to marry someone first! That’s when your life takes a turn for the better as you got proposed by three men at the same time. Here, you’ll be able to spend a lot of time with these men.

Hotel Romance at Its Finest
You can enjoy so many dating simulation games today since there are so many. These are games that let you play as either a man or a woman, and you’ll be presented with a lot of choices.

These games usually follow a unique storyline, and you’ll be presented with choices that you can make. Then, you’ll be able to choose among the men and women available in the game! One of the best dating simulation games today is My Hotel Romance.

Here, you can play as a woman who’s always worked as a hotelier in your father’s hotel. But after your father got sick, he can no longer take care of the hotel, so the responsibility falls to you. But before you become the hotel manager, you must marry someone as dictated by your father!

Thankfully, there’s someone who proposed to you on the spot. But it’s not just one but three handsome gentlemen! Your situation becomes more complicated and more exciting from now on.

In My Hotel Romance, you’re able to meet with three extraordinary men!

Highlights of My Hotel Romance
Many amazing dating simulation games will take your heart. In My Hotel Romance, you can enjoy a fun scenario!

Play as a hotel manager – Running a business is never easy, especially when it’s a family business. You must work hard to ensure that it stays afloat despite a lot of challenges up ahead.

But it can also be fun because it means that you can spend valuable time with your family when working. There are many games about business, but My Hotel Romance is a unique one. Here, you’ll run a hotel business with your father at your side.

Since this is a dating simulation game and not a tycoon one, your father will fall sick one day. This is when the responsibility and privilege to be the hotel manager falls into you! But to attain this position, your father orders you to marry someone first.

Luckily, three gentlemen are willing to take your hand in marriage as they all proposed to you simultaneously. Who are you going to choose? This game lets you enjoy a rollercoaster romance game!

Three husbands to be – In My Hotel Romance, you’ll be able to meet three handsome men who asked to take your hand at the same time. These men include Kouga Inagami, your ex, and he’s become a professional manager after studying abroad.

Then, there’s Ritsuki Himuro, the hotel manager who has been working with you for many years now. Lastly, there’s Souta Miyoshi, your childhood friend and the only son of a company owner of a competitor hotel.

Select your choices – Each man in this game has a unique personality and looks. It’s up to you to decide who to take as your husband in this enjoyable dating simulation game.

There will be tons of instances where you’ll need to respond or to take action, and you’re given a set of choices. In this game, you’re free to enjoy so many decisions to make to spend a lot of time on different characters.

Incredible storyline – With My Hotel Romance, you can enjoy a fun and fantastic storyline.

The story isn’t unique, but it’s not cliché since it lets you become the hotel manager. There are a lot of fun aspects that you’ll enjoy in the game, mainly the story!