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Name My Friend Pedro
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Package com.devolverdigital.myfriendpedro
Publisher Devolverdigital
Category Action
Version 1.11
Size 103M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlocked Full Version
Introduce about My Friend PedroThis banana is ready for retaliation. Do you?It's not like what you seeYou'll have a somewhat strange impression of this game. Both kidnapping and "...
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Introduce about My Friend Pedro

This banana is ready for retaliation. Do you?

It’s not like what you see

You’ll have a somewhat strange impression of this game. Both kidnapping and “banana” are mentioned in the game’s introduction. The main character appears more like an extraterrestrial than a human, which makes for some strange sights. And you might believe that this is a humorous game? but not. My Friend Pedro, from publisher DevolverDigital, is a true action game despite the slightly bizarre-looking screenshots. Additionally, it is integrated with an intriguing and vintage platform. The first thing that causes you to gasp is the main character’s incredibly joyful experience when jumping and swinging. Although flying appears to be in slow motion, it is nevertheless rhythmic.

There is no background at all

Neither a real person nor a banana serves as our protagonist. It wears a hooded garment in shades of gray and black. Even your name escapes me. But that’s okay because this guy’s main responsibility is to fight till his last breath, not to dress up. You will receive instructions from Pedro, a banana (oh yeah). You will follow and be guided by it during the entire adventure. This banana speaks volumes and constantly floats in front of your eyes like a compass. It will leave you with a to-do list after giving you a few lines of message, or a few quests, or a warning. People frequently exchange stories regarding the main character’s and the banana’s backstory. But in my opinion, there is no need to ponder it too much or foster even more animosity between the camps. The main objective of this game is to eliminate the opposition. Just know that right now, our main mission is to track down and eliminate the rival gangs. And that’s all. Just have fun while watching the exciting flying and shooting scenes here.

Shining gameplay

There are no intricate character designs, complex stories, or 3D graphics with lots of effects. So what makes My Friend Pedro unique that millions of people download and keep playing it over and over again? The gaming is the solution. My Friend Pedro’s gaming can be summed up in just one word: strange. From the design to the game’s development, everything about it is strange. First, the platform adventure game My Friend Pedro blends the puzzle and shooting genres with the Focus “Slow Motion and Auto-aim features. The main goal is to give yourself enough time to alter your shooting accuracy. The bullets will automatically bounce back and run to the closest target to kill the attacker when you use Auto-Aim when shooting at an object that can deflect the bullets. It’s important to note that when sufficiently upgraded, the bullets will not only bounce back once, but will also scatter, assisting you in eliminating a number of evildoers. Before I played My Friend Pedro, I honestly didn’t think a game that bizarre could be executed so well. Usually, a game that contains too many elements becomes unbalanced. Pedro, however, is not. Contrarily, those two main genres constantly enhance one another, keeping the game moving forward and piqueing the player’s interest. Try to visualize the following situation to understand why I stated the gameplay was peculiar. The main character kicked a pan high, raised his gun, and fired a single shot at the pan, causing the bullets to rebound and scatter all over the opposition. The opponent behind him was destroyed when he kicked the wall upside down in a lightning-fast maneuver. He used Slow Motion while soaring to eliminate all the adversaries sucking on the neighboring ledges. The remains of numerous opponents were left spread about at the conclusion. Everything took place in a split second. And all at once, blood, gunfire, and flashes of light alternated across the screen. In summary, having dozens of new combos is common if you are used to handling the main character’s distinctive qualities. And there is a good chance of success.  

But fighting is not all

The puzzle genre is present in My Friend Pedro, as I have indicated. There will be various sequences where you must use rapid puzzles to navigate and locate the opponent in between intensely aggressive stages. Running out of time is a crucial criterion; if you don’t, you’ll lose the combination and have to start the level over. After each level, scores are totaled. The more combos used to defeat the opposition, the higher the score. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you can also marvel at the ultra-rapid shooting race sequences, such as shooting while riding a train or shooting while falling from the sky. They frequently appear in boss fights.

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The Matrix + John Wick + Deadpool = My friend Pedro saying is popular among brothers. This game combines freedom, generosity, and levels that are partially open and partially closed. You are free to experiment and play with your abilities and ingenuity. Simply strive to eliminate as many adversaries as you can. What are you waiting for if you don’t want to play a game with this many great features?

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