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Name My Child Lebensborn
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Introduce about My Child LebensbornA post-war child who needs to communicate their sorrows! A simulation game called My Child Lebensborn is a...
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Introduce about My Child Lebensborn

A post-war child who needs to communicate their sorrows! A simulation game called My Child Lebensborn is available from Sarepta Studio. Even though there aren’t any usual jumpscare scenarios or spooky deadly violence, the game is rated 15+. Perhaps only people who are extremely mature and have clear perceptions should play the game. What is going on?


In the immediate aftermath of World War II, My Child Lebensborn begins. Although the conflict is over, its effects endure forever. Millions of defenseless kids live without a family, friends, or place to stay. You made the choice to adopt the youngster who was featured in the heartbreaking news article as a single lady (or unidentified male) without any children of your own. Time went by. Your adoptive three-year-old was about seven years old and getting ready to start first grade. There are still war wounds everywhere. Is it possible for him to be maligned and bullied at school because of his background? What will he do? And how will you react to forgiveness and love? This is My Child Lebensborn’s tale. I got chills while seeing the trailer and reading the parts from the novel. There will be a psychological battle and a memory battle. Anyone who has ever heard of or experienced war will find the story that is introduced in the game to be an emotionally charged one. And if you’re a parent, it’s much more emotional.

Simulate everything and always put you between the Lebensborn

Nobody’s life has ever been simple. If you don’t know how to be content with what you already have, happiness is likewise difficult to achieve. You can already picture a string of challenging days ahead of you from the opening lines. Three crucial elements for both human life and the child are outlined in My Child Lebensborn:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Emotion

These three things are necessary for both you and the child. The majority of the game’s focus is on finding a balance between these three essential aspects of life and assisting the youngster in getting over emotional trauma. Between wishes and necessities, between what can be done and what should be done, and between expectations and desires, My Child Lebensborn presents numerous conflicts. You could wish to spend more time with your kids, for instance. But where is the time to earn money if you are constantly with him, cuddling and regaling him with tales at night? You will get hungry if you don’t have any money. You’ll be out of breath and the youngster will be starved. The circumstance is more complicated at school. Because of his problematic background about German soldiers, your youngster is harassed and alienated. You, as the nurturer, must invest a lot of time in sharing with him if you want to assist him get over that sense of being wronged and abandoned. Once more, in this game, time is a variable that cannot be ignored. Like in real life, the time you spend with your children is the most valuable, but for parents who must work all day to provide for their family, it is also the most expensive. The selections are rather simple to make at the start of the game. Additionally, the equilibrium problem is nearly solvable. But things get harder when he enrolls in school and formally encounters everyone’s rejection. You find it really challenging to always know the proper response and what action to take. You can’t be with him all the time because you need to spend time with your kids right now, which is the most important thing. It’s challenging to remain doubtless because the game’s second half places a lot of focus on circumstances like this that call for Time. Every choice you make, no matter how tiny, has an impact. There are just two conclusions in My Child Lebensborn. One is to relocate to a different area of Norway with your child in order to start a fresh life. Second, the kid will flee the house because they feel unsafe around you.

What exactly happened to the child and you?

One of the two characters—Karin is a girl, and Klaus is a boy—is the kid you adopt. Regardless of gender, a youngster is typically good, obedient, and understanding. You and the child have a lot of pleasant and painful memories together. But everything is merely a warm-up screen. When the child starts telling you about events at school, the experience becomes incredibly exciting. The youngster is frequently bullied. At initially, there were only a few minor incidents, such as being expelled from class or being snowed by peers. But then, it seems like the bullying has gone too far when the child is tied up in the woods and even peed on by friends. When a child enthusiastically informs you that he has discovered a technique to stay warm when his buddies hurl snow at him, for example, it is one of those melancholy scenarios that makes you want to cry. So heartfelt. The pages of his own diary in the game and the stories told by your children are how you first learned about all these tales. Things eventually reach a dead end, and you must now decide what will happen to the child in the future. Most decisions in bullying instances result in an end. It just concerns what a child has to go through. What was your response? Unfortunately, there are only three ways to react in My Child Lebensborn: be optimistic, be cautious, or be strict. The way you react to events or your child’s remarks will progressively alter the child’s mood. For instance, you might assume it’s a joke when he describes being bullied for the first time and give him a harsh deterrent. The next time he tells you, you’ll be strict once more. He therefore no longer wants to tell you. The only way to comprehend him is to read his diary. And if you keep acting in that way, sooner or later he’ll decide to leave the house.

Sound and graphics

Indeed, it is a comic book. Even if it just happens in seemingly unimportant circumstances every day, it is accelerating the rhythm and raising the player’s emotions. Because Live 2D graphics are used in My Child Lebensborn, the child’s character’s movements are extremely realistic. Each face shows every emotion: joy, despair, depression, and happiness. These heartfelt expressions force your heart to quiver a lot. A soothing piece of music plays in the background as the story is being told. Undoubtedly, if there are too many knots, you won’t be able to stand still or figure it out. But notwithstanding, the game’s music is just as tranquil as that. The game designer seeks to convey to players the idea of soothing and repairing soul scars.

MOD APK version of My Child Lebensborn

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Download My Child Lebensborn APK & MOD for Android

I just have one thing to say about My Child Lebensborn: “Touch the heart.” You will cry when playing this game, I assure you. It is a wonderful simulation game with many delicate decision-making opportunities and a strong human element. Play My Child Lebensborn for a little while today; I promise you won’t regret it.

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