Always On: Edge Music Lighting

Always On: Edge Music Lighting

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Name Always On: Edge Music Lighting
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Package com.sparkine.muvizedge
Publisher Sparkine Labs
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Size 19M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Introduce about Always On: Edge Music Lighting (Also known as Muviz Edge)Make a "music vignette" for the phone's sides!The strangest application I have ever knownIf you have an in...
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Introduce about Always On: Edge Music Lighting (Also known as Muviz Edge)

Make a “music vignette” for the phone’s sides!

The strangest application I have ever known

If you have an incredibly fashionable, costly smartphone and are a perfectionist in every detail, this is the phone for you. At the same time, if you love music and live by the phrase “can’t live without music,” I believe this is the app for you. With a small capacity, nothing to brag about in comparison to today’s phones, but the impacts and effects it provides are far larger than you can imagine. Always On: Edge Music Lighting’s key feature is that it shows music visual effects based on the melody on the screen’s edges when you’re listening to music from any music app. Isn’t it a little hazy? Let’s take a look at these three photographs to see what “music visual effects” are all about. Have you noticed in the image below the purple-black gradient border? The images below show a variety of border effects available in the application.

Small app, but the excitement is limitless

These are non-stationary effects. They will, of course, “dance” and change color in response to the tone of the music being played as well as some of your prior adjustments. Thanks to this one-of-a-kind app, music enjoyment has reached new heights. Is it cool to listen to cool music, wear good headphones, and have a screen that is drooping like a genuine DJ? Always On: Edge Music Lighting isn’t particular about the type of phone or tablet screen it connects to; as long as your phone is playing music, it’ll work. All you have to do now is pick your own style and have fun.

Supports all music apps for Android

First and foremost, Edge Music Lighting is only active when you are listening to music on a music player. As a result, the developer has optimized Always On: Edge Music Lighting to work with and support every popular music player on the planet. You simply switch on the music in that app, and the effects emerge on the screen’s edges as soon as it is Always On compatible. The application can be used both online and offline.

AOD feature

They have a technology called AOD that allows these lovely sound effects to be evenly shown even when the screen is turned off. Even though the screen was blank, the music was loud and the edges twinkled.

Choose vignettes, effects according to your style

In the Always On: Edge Music Lighting setting, you can choose from hundreds of various designs of music edge effects. These impacts are so varied and numerous that experiencing them all takes a long time. Not to mention the fact that the number continues to rise despite the developer’s frequent updates. We have the option of:

  • Color
  • The tone is light.
  • Effect of light transition
  • Pattern
  • On the phone’s screen, there is a corner.
  • Light effects conversion speed

You can use the app’s Pick tool to extract a peculiar color from a song’s album cover even if it already exists. If you don’t change anything, the system will remove the color tones from the album cover and use them for the system’s fundamental effects. If you enjoy a particular color tone while using Always On: Edge Music Lighting, you can keep it in the “Palette Collection.”

Display the information you want on the home screen

We can also choose how extra information about the song is displayed on the main screen, such as:

  • Song title, source, artist, and lyrics
  • Select the location on your screen where this information will be shown.
  • When Always On is enabled, the background is blurred and the screen remains on.
  • To stay focused on other work, hide information about existing tracks on the screen.
  • Always On: Edge Music Lighting shows an edge effect on the pages on the screen where this option is selected. The home screen is always the default, and the rest of the pages are entirely up to you.

It’s easy to use. Install for only a few seconds, then turn it on and use it. Choose from a variety of effects in the Settings menu, and then select the mode to display song information on the main screen.

MOD APK version of Always On: Edge Music Lighting

MOD feature

You can also try other applications like ReadEra Premium, SD Maid Pro, and StarMaker. Unlocked Pro

Download Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK for Android

It’s never been easier or more fashionable to listen to music on your phone. This program makes your music player more stylish, artistic, and emotional while you listen to your favorite songs. To access all Pro features for free, download Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK from the link below.18M

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