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Name Murder in the Alps
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Package com.nordcurrent.murderinalps
Publisher Nordcurrent
Category Adventure
Version 7.0.5
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Requires Android 4.4
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Introduce about Murder in the AlpsMurder in the Alps is a puzzle game that you ou...
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Introduce about Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps is a puzzle game that you ought to play at least once if you enjoy narrative-driven games. It is defined as a game with fresh material with a detective and criminal premise. You’ll travel back in time to the 1930s, solve a number of unsolved mysteries, and take in the ambience of a classic Western.

Opening scene

Murder in the Alps takes place in a hotel situated in one of the most picturesque areas of the Alps in the 1930s. Even though this location is already filled with guests, a number of incidents, particularly concerning mystifying missing visitors, have turned it into a dismal area. The primary character in this game is Anna Myers. She was introduced as a Zurich-based journalist. She is having a great time on her trip to the Alps. However, a journalist’s curiosity was aroused when unusual occurrences started happening at the hotel where she was staying. Myers unintentionally learned that everything was not quite as the motel owner had claimed. Some of the visitors had very suspicious looks. They drew the young journalist’s attention.


You will assume the role of Anna Myers in this game. As a journalist, you will demonstrate your aptitude for research and information gathering to shed light on the hotel’s mysteries. As quickly as possible, the solution should be obvious. More enigmatic tales, more visitors go missing, and stranger things happen with each passing day. A game featuring HOPA components is called Murder in the Alps (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure). As a result, you will spend the majority of your time paying attention to details and looking for hints and hidden objects. Most of them include some facts and reasoning that can be used to solve puzzles. There are numerous chapters in the game’s material. You should always scan your surroundings for anything that appear beneficial or relevant to the puzzle you’re studying in order to avoid missing any puzzles. You will put anything you discover in your bag of personal effects. Naturally, you can utilize them as necessary.

The diary of Myers

Have you ever observed a journalist in action? Yes, they constantly have a mechanism to save data. In a diary, Anna Myers keeps track of the theories and facts she discovers. You can view her diary by going to the menu. It offers the investigation’s course and occasionally game-changing insights for you to tackle existing riddles.


Mini-games are included in Murder in the Alps in addition to the puzzle component. However, you cannot select them and play any of them. These mini-games act as a roadblock that keeps you from looking for solutions. You will play a mini-game when you are looking for hints that are not obvious or readily available in the area. Some mini-games are really intricate. Murder in the Alps doesn’t provide any direction, which may probably occasionally confuse you. But each one has guidelines. To finish the mini-game, locate that regulation. Use the “Hints” function if you’re having trouble or have no idea what to do.

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A game with a rich storyline and intriguing puzzle gameplay is called Murder in the Alps. The developer also emphasizes the visual side, showcasing the breathtaking scenery of the Alps and Western architecture from the 1930s. Please download Murder in the Alps so you can explore the enigmatic events as the teenage journalist Anna Myers!

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