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Introduce about MovepicCreate animation effectsMovepic is a practical and us...
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Introduce about Movepic

Create animation effects

Movepic is a practical and useful application. It comes with a suite of tools to help you quickly and easily create motion effects for your images. To begin creating your images, you must first enable Movepic access to your media files. Then, in the app’s gallery, select the photo you wish to alter and import it. Select “Path” from the editing panel, then tap and drag the dashed arrow over the regions you want it to move to. The effects will be activated right away. You can move back or advance to the previous action if you aren’t satisfied. You may also utilize the Anchor to fix the motion route by creating an anchor point. Aside from the Anchor, there’s another option to keep a section of the image from moving. You’ll use the Freeze tool to tap and highlight the region you don’t want to apply the effect to. It will instantly freeze. You can also simply unfreeze, remove anchor points, and change the motion speed. Overall, Movepic is a rather advanced AI system that has been designed and integrated. To produce motion, the application relies on pathways and comparable pixels. The route you just made around the water surface will not be swept away. This cuts your post-production time in half while still producing a bright work of art.

Touch to create a magical sky

Landscape photographers, without a doubt, desire stunning colors in the sky. For the sky, Movepic has included a variety of effects and filters. Simply choose from the gallery, then relax and enjoy your work. There are several themes, with Super, Starlight, Whale, Nebule, and Hope being the most prominent and popular. As a consequence, a blue sky with floating white clouds, a mystical sky with colorful light bands, or even a sky with flying stars can be simply created. You can also fine-tune the transparency of the original sky and the degree(%) of the effect performed with Movepic. Pixaloop can also assist you in creating beautiful sky animations and effects! Here’s where you can try out this app!

Camera FX

One of the things that distinguishes Movepic is its Camera FX. Apps frequently overlook this rather basic feature. This is, nevertheless, what distinguishes these photographers and contributes to the art of media storytelling. Overall, there are a lot of effects in Camera FX, which are split into themes like Hot, 3D Camera, Orbit, Custom, Jitter, and Transition. Each one moves in its own way, changing the image’s depth. You can select your favorite image and attempt it. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with it all over again.


You can add animated stickers to your work in addition to producing animated graphics to make it more unique. With a little more rain, the sky with those clouds would be stunning. If there were butterflies flying around the flowers that are swaying in the wind, they would be even more beautiful. In addition, Movepic sells science fiction stickers. With a sticker that replicates a massive explosion, a black hole sticker, or a nuclear building and Dr. Strange’s magic ring, you can simply make an explosion. Furthermore, Overlay is an intriguing feature that you should not overlook. It’s similar to stickers, except the majority of the effects are weather-related, lighting-related, or lovely things like rose leaves and beautiful butterflies.

You can also try other applications like PowerDirector, Dubsmash, and Premium.

MOD APK version of Movepic

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked: The majority of Movepic’s features are only available to individuals who subscribe to the basic subscription. Motion effects, stickers, FX camera, and Magic Sky all have a restricted number of undo/redo steps during editing. Everything is unlocked with the VIP APK version we supply. Simply download the app and take advantage of all of its features.

Download Movepic APK & MOD for Android

Movepic is a fantastic program that allows you to make moving images and a number of other cool effects. Without having to take photography or editing classes, you may now quickly make magnificent works. Movepic will assist you in pursuing your interest.59M

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