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Name Motor Depot
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Package com.kozgames.motordepot
Publisher Kozgames
Category Games
Version 1.33
Size 125M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Motor DepotDrive your vehicle down the treacherous, long highways!BackgroundYou are in charge of a fleet of automobiles in ...
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Introduce about Motor Depot

Drive your vehicle down the treacherous, long highways!


You are in charge of a fleet of automobiles in Motor Depot. You will use a variety of vehicles, including tractors, dump trucks, buses, automobiles, trucks, and cars, depending on the needs of the visitors. You will also have the chance to operate all of them on the road. Every vehicle offers a completely unique experience. The variety and depth of the game’s street settings, control schemes, and capacity to allow you to self-adjust while driving are what will leave you with a lasting impression.


A quest will be given at the start of the game. As a manager, you will select a car that satisfies that need. The driver will then show up, leave the warehouse, and do the task. More than 50 different types of trailer-mounted trucks in various sizes and forms are available at Motor Depot. There are occasionally 5 different job kinds available in the game. Each sort of vehicle has a unique technique of navigating the road and is only appropriate for particular tasks. Therefore, selecting the appropriate vehicle comes first, then finding a reliable driver. You must adhere to all traffic laws when driving, including those requiring you to stop at red lights, stay on the designated path, use turn signals before making a turn, and maintain a safe following distance. Failure to abide with these regulations may result in a tragic crash and a significant reduction in bonus points. The difficulty presented by Motor Depot is due to both the weather and the winding, uphill, small, and wide roads, depending on the situation. Every type of weather will make driving feel different and more challenging. You will notice that your abilities drastically increase as you navigate both actual and metaphorical rough roads. In Motor Depot, driving is also quite easy to do. Either the steering wheel or the cockpit of the car can be used to control it. The view from the cabin is somewhat constrained but better managed. The huge surrounding space is completely visible when driving with the simulator buttons on the screen, which has the benefit of being quite calming. Regardless of how you decide to drive, you must always adhere to all traffic laws and coordinate your movements, acceleration, braking, and gearshifts. The driver must not only execute the assignment promptly and correctly, but also remain safe and rack up as many bonus points as they can. You have more chances to unlocked new cars, boost productivity, and improve your fleet of great trucks the more bonus points you have.

Impressive graphics and physics simulation

Open-world 3D is used in Motor Depot. The area in front of you always extends into infinity, and the camera angle may be self-adjusted to provide a 360-degree view of you. On mobile, there are a lot of driving games, but creating a complete, intricate, and open setting like Motor Depot is a bit uncommon. One of the striking aspects of this game is its gorgeous, well-designed graphics. The presence of 50 different vehicle types is another notable aspect of this game. Each has its own distinct content. There are differences between each type in the front of the automobile, the shape of the car, and the features of the trailing trailers. Players get a diverse experience thanks to the number of ways that even the car’s controls are replicated. The second feature that anybody who plays Motor Depot discovers is the excellent physics modeling. When turning, tire tracks are left on the road; when you have to brake hard, you feel a little drag; when the boxes are prepared, you feel weighted down; and when the road is slick or you’re entering severe weather, you feel like you have to drag a little of a buggy on the side. All are accurately and vividly simulated. You no longer perceive this as a straightforward driving game but rather as an adventure on the open roads.

MOD APK version of Motor Depot

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds


You receive a large sum of money after making a purchase.
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Download Motor Depot APK & MOD for Android

Motor Depot is a truck driving game with a lovely backdrop, to put it briefly. Players benefit from a wealth of rich driving experience thanks to the large trucks. In addition to the unusual viewing perspective, there is an expansive world with a wide range of weather conditions. Try out the challenging driving game Motor Depot. Download and start playing this fantastic game!

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