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Publisher Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Category Fighting
Version 3.6.0
Size 1G
Requires Android
MOD Features Increase Damage/Defense
Introduce about MORTAL KOMBATThe eleventh iteration of the fighting game that has been popular throughout several generations is called MORTAL KOMBAT....
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Introduce about MORTAL KOMBAT

The eleventh iteration of the fighting game that has been popular throughout several generations is called MORTAL KOMBAT. Because MORTAL KOMBAT is one of the most well-known fighting game franchises, its publisher NetherRealm Studios has consistently updated this title with improved graphics and gameplay as well as new features. You can play the game to get a sense of what it would be like to fight like an actual gladiator in a life-or-death struggle. In actuality, while creating a massive universe with a character system on par with DC or Marvel, MORTAL KOMBAT lacks a clear plot. You can still watch quick clips or old-timey videos of each character to get a sense of their backstories and identity, but it is insufficient. Because players frequently choose to explore the environment of the game rather than engage in traditional combat, if the publisher invests more in the storyline, the game may have more items to pique the player’s curiosity.


As you are all aware, MORTAL KOMBAT is a fighting game in which you control a character to engage in 1v1 combat with other characters. These games need skill, player ingenuity, and essential fighting expertise. They are also incredibly theatrical. Once you’ve played for a while, you’ll be able to recognize each character’s attacks and how they may avoid enemies and launch counterattacks with the least amount of movement. At first, if my opponent used talents, I would get scared and push every key I could. The game’s control scheme is also carefully thought out so that you can manage the character with ease. You won’t be able to look away from the phone due to the nonstop, fast-paced battles. With just one error, the opponent could kill you at any time.

3vs3 mode

Not only can you play this version solo, but you can also assemble a group of the three most potent gladiators and send them into bloody combat to compete for gold and experience points, which you can use to make your characters stronger. This game’s most recent mode promises to provide gamers a lot of surprises.

Faction Wars

If you don’t like the above option, you can keep honing your skills in the standard solo mode like a top warrior if you choose. Engage in real-time combat with other players, prevail, and move up the MORTAL KOMBAT ranking. Are you one of the finest players who will be recognized in the game?


The well-known characters from this series, including Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, and many others, will be present. New characters including D’Vorah, Cassie Cage, the enigmatic Kung Jin, and the savage killer Kotal Khan were also updated in the game. The character you play in the game may also be developed and customized, which adds to the battle’s surprise factor because you can scarcely predict what kind of player to use. It adds a little more intrigue and tactical thought, rather than merely concentrating on combat.


The action scenes in MORTAL KOMBAT are depicted in an accurate manner, with a highly violent graphical style. You can readily visualize the violence and blood on each of the character’s blows as a strong punch that breaks the enemy’s head, causes them to bleed, or rips them in half. In instance, the game will give you a brief window of time following a victory to choose how to “coolly” eliminate your opponent. playing games while watching slow-motion movies to appreciate every last graphic detail.


MOD feature

  • Enhance Damage
  • Boost defense

You can also try other applications like Plants vs. Zombies 2, MORTAL KOMBAT, and Grand Theft Auto III.

Download MORTAL KOMBAT MOD APK for Android

There is no need to debate this game’s attractiveness or popularity; it is deserving of being listed among the top mobile games. Do you wish to participate in the struggle between life and death? Engage in combat in MORTAL KOMBAT.

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