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Name Monument Valley 2
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Introduce about Monument Valley 2In the Mother's Heart, Deep!Play games and be immersedSeries One could consider Monument Valley to be a mobile artistic masterpiece. Ustwo, a UK-b...
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Introduce about Monument Valley 2

In the Mother’s Heart, Deep!

Play games and be immersed

Series One could consider Monument Valley to be a mobile artistic masterpiece. Ustwo, a UK-based independent mobile game company, created it. The Monument Valley mini game, which is contained in a small space, has grown in popularity since its debut. This game’s straightforward but lovely visuals will help you understand that there are other, nameless romantic feelings in the world in addition to happiness and despair. Monument Valley 2 is a national treasure if Monument Valley is a wonder. Every aspect of the game has a distinct life that is intense but ruminative. Despite your best intentions, it’s actually very challenging to describe all the thoughts and emotions in a game this artistically rich. From the beginning of the game to the very conclusion, Monument Valley 2 is the kind of game that may take your hand and lead you away from this gloomy setting.


The tale centers on the bond between a mother and her missing kid, who, on the day of their reunion, still hold a variety of beliefs. The first part’s account of Princess Ida is now complete. In the second section, we hear a different narrative that is much more agonizing and filled with remorse. Do you recall the times when you were a child and your mother still wanted you to do a lot of things? You will hear an ominous voice calling out to you from a distance. A mission to mature was included. You need to start acting more like an adult now. You take on the role of a young mother who is perplexed and trying to figure out how to grow up with her child. A young mother who watches her child grow through the years is both thrilled and concerned, saying, “Dear, don’t grow up too soon, wait for me to follow.” Perhaps you have never had children, in which case you lack maternal empathy. However, if you play as the lady in Monument Valley 2, you’ll discover that the mother’s love is enormous but also filled with challenges and ideas, much like the player’s trip through the game’s colorful environment.

The symbolism and emotional element that the game conveys can leave you sobbing for a long time

The second installment of Monument Valley immerses you in a world of 3D illusions on an odd 2D background by fusing the thoughts and emotions of a mother and her little daughter. The intricately crafted puzzle format combines enthusiasm and indifference. Sometimes each individual moves in the opposite way, while other times, both the mother and the youngster must cooperate to solve the riddle presented by the separating doors. There is an invisible gap between mother and kid in the life we currently lead that can only be addressed if we are truly motivated to do so. It must be acknowledged that Monument Valley 2 has excellent symbolism. There are a lot of emotional moments that make me shiver. I needed to stop for a while to calm down. similar to the situation where a mother and daughter are yet unable to connect. They proceed, but are perplexed and concerned about the person left behind. When you see this poignant scenario, what do you think about your mother? The child eventually grows up, leaves the mother’s arms, and boards the boat to set sail, leaving the mother behind amid feelings of nostalgia and loneliness. Despite this, the mother continues to smile because her once-little girl is now an adult. The gameplay remains unchanged from Monument Valley. However, you now have control over two characters, one after the other. They all move steadily toward one another until they finally meet. The Totem column from Part 1 will then show up. For the mother, it stirs up memories. She remembers the times as a youngster when she used to sail on a boat with her mother, being led by her mother step by step. For the time being, the cycle has to be completed, therefore she must become more mature and resilient while having faith in her daughter’s independence and self-control to send her out to sea. I can’t help it any longer, so hold on, let’s go get a tissue first. From this point on, the game’s fantasy world appears to advance to a new level. Finding a path to the doors requires a lot of effort because the blocks are continually changing. All to create a tree that keeps getting bigger. When the small child grows up and leaves her mother’s arms, the tree will eventually spread. To be honest, nobody beats Monument Valley 2 when it comes to symbolism and hidden significance. Because of the amount of significance it conveys, I enjoy it much more than I did part 1. That emotion-filled, intense, and profound feeling is absolutely real.

Strange colors and talking blocks

The object of the game is to link, create, or locate a path to a destination using geometric pieces. Rotate and Move are the game’s primary mechanisms. The amazing part is that you can rotate and move the geometric blocks in different directions and depths even while the character is still in place. With each stride and motion of the figure, space is constantly changing. Everything centers around this method of playing, regardless of how challenging the challenge is. There is no sophisticated navigation; you may control it by just moving your finger back and forth across the screen. You’ll be driven insane, nevertheless, by the depth of thought required, the difficulties presented, and the secret spaces concealed within this 3D building. Fortunately, your heart will feel lighter when the hues occasionally change. Sometimes we just want to watch the screen move in front of us and let our minds wander endlessly to our mother. We don’t even want to care about the challenge anymore. There will always be periodic color changes. The tone was initially very brilliant blue when the mother and child were present. But when the mother and daughter split up and took distinct adult paths, the mood became depressing. The game is full of warm tones as a new future is about to begin, and when the two meet again after overcoming their sometimes very sad emotions, they do so with a fresh attitude (having an open mind and fully accepting the course of adulthood). You can also try other applications like Monster Legends, Extreme Landings Pro, and The Game of Life 2.

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This post should not be ended at all. Guys, I’m still feeling emotional. But there won’t be enough time if I try to cover all of Monument Valley 2’s ramifications in depth. I must let you guys experience it for yourselves.

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