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Name Monster Legends
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Version 13.1.1
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MOD Features Always Win 3 Stars
About Monster LegendsWhen the Android version of Monster Legends was released on June12, 2014, it was actually the successor to the hugely p...
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About Monster Legends

When the Android version of Monster Legends was released on June12, 2014, it was actually the successor to the hugely popular Facebook game Dragon City. Both are simulation games where you have to complete numerous chores including raising monsters, creating houses, and strategically employing them in PvP combat. Every monster has unique attributes, stats, abilities, and experience points at various levels. In order to serve several of your strategies, they can. More specifically, every monster has the capacity to spawn itself in gold (at the monster’s Habitat), providing you with additional funds for construction and improvement.

Monster Legends really developed more than Dragon City?

In fact, Monster Legends is more advanced than Dragon City yet still using the same platform. The first is the sheer variety of monsters; there are more than 500 different types, and many uncommon ingredients can be used to breed new species. Monsters depend on each element and have additional skills. Dragon City 3v3 battles will improve your strategies and allow you to fight in your own style. Additionally, there are a ton of features and modes that are just waiting for you to explore.


Unlike the majority of games today, Monster Legends only features 2D graphics. Simpleness does not imply inferiority. In my opinion, the game’s 2D graphics have little impact. Instead, it offers monsters a pristine, antique style, and they are made to be varied, meticulous, and highly individual.


To find the strongest monsters, players would frequently switch out their creatures for each combat. fighting and boosting your beast’s stats while you’re doing it. Each sort of monster has its unique characteristics and skills, so players must be alert to seize the opportunity to eliminate their foes. Features:

  • RPG: Level up your monsters and use the lab to break their restrictions by using their cells. Give them runes and relics to improve their equipment and abilities.
  • Build plans and assemble monster teams to attack and support in your own way as you battle monsters. Then, engage them in combat via Adventure Maps and Events to earn a variety of thrilling rewards.
  • Join the epic Team War and gain access to rare and exclusive monsters.
  • You may breed new animals and materials from more than 500 different monsters to expand, acquire, and build a Monster Paradise. Build a habitat, farm, or breeding facility on one of the many wonderful islands.
  • You will learn more as you level up in the Dungeon, Library, Monster Lab, Smithy, and Temple.
  • To enhance diversity and make more exciting activities occur, there are also many interesting events like Halloween and Christmas.


These tools will make it very simple to create a community within the game. With hundreds of millions of players throughout the world, you will encounter various “war commanders” with a variety of professional strategies, ingenuity, and successful teaming while you play the game. In order to win the Team War and locate the finest allies, you will collaborate with your teammates to debate the best strategies. Create the biggest Clan on earth.

MOD APK version of Monster Legends

There are a lot of challenging stages in Adventure Map. You must play for a considerable amount of time in order to build a powerful squad.

MOD feature

Always Win 3 Stars: The game will force you to win with 3 stars if you win a match. Following that, you can spin the lucky spin and collect goodies.


Just keep in mind that the MOD version only functions in Adventure Map mode.

You can also try other applications like Solar Smash, Robbery Bob 2, and Romance Club.

Download Monster Legends MOD APK for Android

I firmly believe that after reading the aforementioned post you should play this game once. When contrasted to the first level, Monster Legends really makes it so that the more you play, the more interesting stuff you find. Players will have access to a large universe filled with fascinating beasts. Give this game a try; you’ll enjoy it!

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