Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories

Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Name Monster Hunter Stories
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Publisher Capcom Co., Ltd.
Category Games
Version 1.0.4
Size 76M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About Monster Hunter StoriesBecause it's an enjoyable offline game to play rather than an online game, this game is very different from other Monster Hunter game titles. The success of ...
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About Monster Hunter Stories

Because it’s an enjoyable offline game to play rather than an online game, this game is very different from other Monster Hunter game titles. The success of Monster Hunter Stories on the Nintendo 3DS system makes it unnecessary for Capcom to delay the release of an official Android and iOS version. The premium game Monster Hunter Stories is now accessible for download, but bear that in mind. The price for this game’s mobile edition is$15.67, which is often not excessive when compared to the 3DS version. It should be noted that the directions in the present game are exclusively in Japanese, making it challenging for players to follow up.


What do you do when a monster attacks? Search for cover or engage in battle? A monster that has contracted Black Blight will assault your community and draw you into a hazardous conflict. As a Monster Rider, you will have a variety of duties to complete on your adventure, including finding and destroying them. You must first take a monster egg, incubate it, get used to it, give it a name, then train it to fight alongside you. You will be traveling many various locales, facing formidable enemies, engaging in combat, and gathering powerful equipment in this game.


Monster Hunter Stories has an RPG-based combat system and lets you change your Hunter, in contrast to all the other games in the series. Monsters can hatch, become friends, engage in combat, and engage in a variety of other new activities. The game’s fights are turn-based, with you and your creatures attacking the adversary simultaneously. The Great Sword, Sword & Shield, Hammer, and Hunting Horn are your four available weapons that you can switch between and utilize in combat. The talents and other items you can utilize vary depending on the weapon you wield. Four different attack kinds exist. Technique, Speed, or Power are three of the four attack categories you can use against opponents. They oppose each other in it. You can carry Kinship Stone, a stone that gives the monsters extra power. Additionally, you and the Monsties will earn experience points from each combat, which will advance your level. The things your adversaries left behind will likewise be present.

Monster companion

As stated in the plot, you can summon monsters by training them to fight alongside you, explore the world with you, and visit new places. The monsters that are connected to you are referred to as Monsties, but in order to have one, you must first find and hatch one. If you have the courage, enter the monster cave right away and grab the monster eggs! There are numerous distinct Monsties types, such as Herbivore, Leviathan, Flying Wyvern, and Fanged Beast. By employing the Transmission Ceremony feature, which transforms Bond Genes into monsters and activates their stats and abilities, you can strengthen a Companion Monster. You can adapt your playing style by using Transmission Ceremony.

Mission system & equipment

To continue their trip, every Monster Rider requires supplies and equipment. Any town you visit has a mission board where you can pick up quests. These quests can help you progress through the game, earn money, and buy equipment like weapons, ammunition, and a range of other support items. You must visit the merchants in the towns to purchase them.

Graphics & Sound

Monster Hunter Stories has stunning 3D graphics, with characters that are rendered in a cutesy but yet outstanding chibi style. Players experience Monster Hunter Stories as an interactive, direct, and high-quality animated movie. Additionally, the game’s audio creates a sense of heroism and impressiveness.

APK version of Monster Hunter Stories

This game’s whole APK version was bought and modified by IPHONESIDE. This game is pleasantly playable without spending any money. You can only play offline, take note.

MOD APK version of Monster Hunter Stories

This is a modified version of the game’s original design. In this game, you will have infinite money if you use the MOD APK version. You can only play offline, take note.

How to install Monster Hunter Stories?

Step 1 is to download the game’s APK and OBB files to your smartphone. You can download the APK or MOD version depending on your needs. About 2GB is the combined size of APK and OBB. Install OBB using the IPHONESIDE Installer in step two. Install an APK. The APK file is installed as usual. Launch the game and start playing. You can also try other applications like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Sonic Forces, and Six-Guns: Gang Showdown.

Download Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK for Android

Monster Hunter Stories is a thrilling and gratifying game all around. The gameplay of Monster Hunter Stories is similar to that of a Nintendo Pokmon game. With the game’s many fascinating features, you can travel to far locations, interact with fierce monsters, and much more. You can download games to play that support Android and iOS and Monster Hunter Stories. It should be noted that in order to install Monster Hunter Stories on your phone, you will need to change your Apple ID to Japan if you are using iOS, or the best option for Android users is to download the APK version.

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